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  Keeping Emotionally Balanced During Physically Challenging Times (7 part series)

Human BioAcoustic™ Biology: The State of Your Health is in The Sound of Your Voice
* Just two 30 second voice recordings can reveal the Frequency Equivalents™ of excesses, deficiencies in your physical system, such as  vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, and more.

Within these processes I promise to do my best to embody the energy of Divine Love, Joy, Compassion and Higher Consciousness, and to be a catalyst for the change and transformations that you seek.
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What our clients say…

“Melinda is very gifted. She gently, yet powerfully peels back the layers to reveal the divine, spiritual being that we all are. If you are trying to leave the past behind and move forward on your path in this life, I absolutely recommend her sessions. You will be pleasantly amazed and transformed!”

~C. L., Albuquerque, NM