– Missives, Messages and Reminder Notes from the 11D OS Collective

heart MII“There are those who say, “you cannot”

There are those who say, “It is inevitable”

Know this: “All that you ever are and will be is “can” and “will”, or you would not be in existence.”

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Keeping Emotionally Balanced During Physically Challenging Times (7 part series)

- Human BioAcoustic™ Biology: The State of Your Health is in The Sound of Your Voice * Just two 30 second voice recordings can reveal the Frequency Equivalents™ of excesses, deficiencies in your physical system, such as  vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, and more.

- Intuitive Wellness Sessions:
* As a healing intuitive it is my intention to make you feel more hopeful, and a bit more believing in your ability to live in your own wellness, and for you to be a bit  more focused on what you want so that you can be in balance when it shows up. AND it will show up because you have asked for it.

- Soul Conversations With Kids®:
“The brightest lights on this planet are her children.”  ~ Melinda Iverson Inn

“Thank you so much for your amazing Soul Conversations with my son.  He was so traumatized by his reading struggles that whenever he was faced with a challenge at school... more* My  goal is to help each child bring forth the beautiful and unique expressions of his/her individual being. It is of the utmost importance that the incoming children of mankind recognize how necessary and valuable their unique individual expressions are.

“The dynamics of my own personal journey and the resulting first-person knowledge about the transformative process allow me to be of aid to you through your own transformation. This is done through intuitive, inspired thinking that is attuned with the subtle Divine energies. It is then communicated to you how you can best use these energies and the lenses through which you perceive life.”  Melinda Iverson Inn












What our clients say…

“I woke up feeling more rested and more whole this morning. I know I have rid myself of a very specific negative energy that had been reawakened and feeling current in the way it was manifesting in my psyche. You are so good and helpful. Thank you for your time and vision. You are doing good work.”

~L. P., Portland, Oregon