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“When we get overly emotionally involved, that involvement automatically sacrifices our intuition. Intuition cannot exist within emotional disturbances. Emotional disturbances create upheaval in the consciousness. Intuition requires calmness.”
— Brother Ishtananda

As we grow in our understanding of the ability to tap into our intuition, we realize that it is closely linked with our ability to choose right action. If we consciously adopt the intention of right action in our lives—that is, choosing, to the best of our ability without emotional disturbances, to act in ways that create the highest good for all—our intuition seems to come closer to the suchness of things.

What is suchness? It’s a traditional name for a state of mind/awareness that allows us the clarity to take appropriate actions as circumstances require.

In a state of suchness, i.e. clarity, our mind is free from obstacles and impediments; from impurity, infatuations, and disturbances. In suchness we observe our minds from moment to moment, which allows us to act with wisdom and not to cling to things and phenomenal objects that could distract us from our true intention.

Student: “If the building shakes in an earthquake, we don’t think about it, we act straight away.”
Teacher: “Yes, so sometimes we run out of the building, sometimes we stand still. When the fact occurs, then we need intuitive ability. That is called “Prajna” (wisdom) — Zen Teacher Gudo Nishijima.

Another way to enter the doorway of our intuitive wisdom and clarity is with our breath, by literally taking refuge in breathing. “The practice of taking refuge can be a very deep practice. When we take refuge in our breathing, we touch peace and safety. “ — Thich Nhat Hanh

Our breathing can be viewed and experienced as a physiological event that connects body and mind. When we are aware of and following/observing our breathing, we are much more likely to act wisely, as our actions come more from our body-mind’s authentic wisdom rather than from our old stories or conditioned thoughts.

Peace and clarity can come from embracing what is in the moment with a calm inner stillness. Being an observer, without any expectations, judgments or emotional attachments to what you will find or where it might have come from takes practice. And it’s the first step towards awaking your inner wisdom.

By trying this, you open yourself to deeper possibilities for change and for the greater development of your intuition. Taking the right action without your ego’s judgment clouding the issue takes some skill, but we know you can do it. Go forth, be open, and let it happen!

We are here to help if you need a little nudge, push, or tap on the shoulder. If you’d like to learn more, please check out my book, Becoming Your Own Intuitive Healer — or schedule a personal session if you’d like a learning plan tailored specifically to your needs and experience.

Remember that you have what it takes to bring forth and trust your own fabulous Intuitive Wisdom.

Blessings ~ Melinda

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