“Consider what it would be like to walk through each moment with a divinely imperturbable attitude, whatever happens, knowing that you are resting in the moment, and capable of meeting what is.” 

                    — Melinda Iverson Inn

“You are never upset for the reason you think you are.”
— A Course in Miracles

The causes of anger, sadness and betrayal: My own lesson

On day five of my recent quest (spurred by current events) to relieve the incredible physical/mental/emotional/spiritual pressure that was causing me deep distress and nightmares, I finally called a colleague to assist me in identifying and clearing out the cause of so much pain.

I had already received acupuncture, massage, and light therapy and done my daily practice of cutting cords and aligning my bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical). I had cleaned out my astral body (as has become a practice when I feel too much space clutter), and raised my vibration, keeping it as high as I possibly could throughout the day.

At times, after this work with various helpful modalities, there would be a temporary reprieve, a breath of fresh air, and then I would descend slowly right back into the heaviness of headaches and unusual aches and pains. Day five was my breaking point: I felt as if I could no longer continue on with such an unpleasant experience as part of my being.

What in the heck was going on?

With the recent presidential election behind us, I had helped many people come to terms with their anger, disappointment and frustration. I counseled them that it was time to breathe and reassess their fear, because when fear takes over, the connection to Spirit and guidance gets pretty hard to hear and decisions become fear-based instead of heart-based.

My wise and learned colleague, when consulted, took one look at my energetic field and observed that this was not just about my work in separating what was mine from what was someone else’s. (As most empaths can tell you, we spend a fair amount of time learning to extract what’s ours from the energies of others in order to maintain our health and wellbeing.)

This, my colleague said, went way bigger. The connection that I hadn’t made in my attempts to balance myself was that the wounded anger of the collective consciousness/unconscious had also affected me acutely.

Oh, Good.

Oh, good: the next level of my learning curve. This was not about my one-on-one clearing; this was about one-to-multitudes, about the choice to keep trying to ward off this society-pervading burst of angst or to release and allow it to go through me.

The culmination of the collective fear and anger that is now being projected across the country has made those of us that are highly sensitive wonder what was going to happen if this level of anxiety persisted. For me, at this particular point, it made me feel as if my hair was on fire, caused  severe headaches, and created ugly astral dreams.

In the midst of my own process, I also felt a deep sadness that those who were projecting such pain and anger had no idea what it was creating out there in the pan-energetic field.

To me it was ugly; ugly and extremely painful.  Through my clearing session/discussion with my colleague, I was suddenly able to see and experience what this collective anger is doing to us.

How anger affects us all.

Energy impresses matter; you’ve heard that many times from many wonderful healers. Well, I can tell you that the enormity of this anger, frustration, and anxiety, however justified it may be, when projected both on purpose and unconsciously, has the potential to harm us all far faster than any perceived and/or projected future injustice.

If you could see what I now see, feel what I feel, you would reverse your anger in a heartbeat. The ugliness of that energetic field of hate is so incredibly destructive to everyone at so many levels. It can definitely weaken our systems, as all emotion and mental anxiety inevitably affects the physical.

It’s enough to make one want to move to a peaceful mountaintop. Oh, wait; I do live on a peaceful mountaintop.  But as we now know, even in the most peaceful and isolated retreats, the reverberation of a highly agitated collective can still be felt, though somewhat mitigated. Thank goodness for those meditating monks worldwide, holding peace, calm and transmuting energies for the rest of the world.

We have to do our part now more than ever.

This is why: imagine a black cloud of your anger hanging over your house. Then imagine that all the anger you projected caused that black cloud to affect someone else. And then that black cloud began to affect everyone in your household negatively. Then imagine your neighbors getting upset by the black cloud; this feeds it and makes it even bigger, so now it’s covering your block, and so on, until it’s covering your state, and the country you live in.

It then spreads its message of anger throughout the world. Everyone becomes agitated, and cannot understand why this black cloud is affecting them. It all becomes very unhappy; the story, the justifications, the lack of kindness, and the reason for service all become convoluted.

The ugliness of anger is infecting and harming all of us, whatever our location, political, or religious beliefs. And this anger will not cure what you think is wrong.

What to do.

The only way to clear that black cloud so that you can see with clarity is to stop being angry. Easy to say; much harder to do. Here are some potent and practical suggestions for releasing your fear and anger:

  1. See this situation as a powerful wake-up call, an intense illustration of how our individual consciousness really does interact with that of others, and how this collective consciousness affects us individually.  What part of your anger is being multiplied by the emotion of others? Can you separate your own overwhelm from the collective angst?
  2. Reframe it as an astounding learning opportunity. You not only get a chance to learn to process and release your own anger, but to contribute to the release of others’.
  3. Consider that the whatever the outcome, though it does not meet your expectations, has potentially woken up a mighty force and can crystallize the intent of millions of people into a collective immune system-like response that will serve as a tool of awakening for many.
  4. Then ask yourself: Why do I feel so much anger?Whom does this anger serve?Where do I feel the anger, sadness, and or betrayal in my body?With whom do I feel the anger, sadness, and or betrayal?What am I doing to bring peace and calm to the situation?How am I helping others to see the destructiveness of that their anger is causing to their own bodies and eventually spilling out to that of other’s bodies?What behavior or words on my part will make the difference between creating a positive or negative experience here and now?
  5. Now, Really feel your anger. Seriously. Allow yourself to feel it as an actual physical sensation. Does it take the form of an upset stomach? A headache? Tension in your neck and shoulders? Inability to take a full breath?Without judging, let yourself feel the sensations of your pain, anger, sadness, betrayal, and how they distort your body. Just the physical sensations, perhaps even leaning into them a little, without the words that usually accompany them. Then ask yourself: “Could I let this go?” and watch your body’s response.You’ll be surprised at how impossible it is to hold onto strong emotions for more than about 30 or 40 seconds; it’s the nature of your body to spontaneously let go of them, even if only for a moment. The sensations may return fairly quickly, but you now have a tool to dissolve them, somewhat like clenching an object in your hand and then releasing it to fall away.If and when the sensations return, repeat the process. Each time you do, the force of the emotional tangle will weaken, even if only just a little more. This is how our mind works. Repeat as needed; eventually your mind will begin to act on it automatically. You will still have the content of your feelings, but minus the claw, bite and dread.You can, if you choose, repeat the following affirmation as often as needed: “I’m glad that my mind responds to negative and fearful thoughts with relaxation and release.” Remember, in order to release an emotion, you first have to allow yourself to truly feel it.

Some more things you can do.

When you can channel your anger and other difficult feelings in a constructive way, without projecting it onto others (see #8 below), you begin to purge it from your system in a healthy way.

6. Find an action or actions that you can perform that mitigate anger: do a kindness, or express kindness in every social encounter. Express your love to those for whom you feel it. Cultivate gratitude, and find your place of giving.

7. Contribute your positive efforts to groups, petitions, etc. that are working to rectify injustice. After a seeming defeat in the creation of labor unions, the heroic Joe Hill exhorted: “Don’t mourn; organize!”

8. Avoid catastrophizing with others—in other words, any fevered and over-emotional venting about the current political situation that is guaranteed (and intended) to upset the listener (s), and does not lead to constructive action. Refrain from doing it or allowing it to be done to you. (This may necessitate a more careful approach to social media, news broadcasts, etc.)

9. Adopt a Morning Foundation Routine; here’s mine:

  1. Cut all energetic cords coming in or going out of you.
  2. Align all of your bodies: visualize your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies in complete alignment.
  3. Energize those bodies: fill each layer with energy like pumping up a balloon.
  4. Surround each of your bodies with a white light. This is your light of protection throughout the day.
  5. Take a few minutes to sit and bless your morning beverage.
  6. Try one of the Five Tibetan rights. (They’re a series of exercises Books are available.) Just try the spinning one. Palms out, shoulder high like an airplane, spot something on the wall and turn 21 times to the right only. This exercise helps the cells in the body balance their own spin and will help strengthen your constitution. It’s important that you do 21 turns and to the right only. If you get dizzy slow down. When you are finished stabilize yourself by putting your hands on your hips and breathing in and out through your nose. It will get easier over time and you’ll note that you begin to will feel better.
  7. Resolve to be kind to yourself and others.

10. Start small with yourself and others, replacing the destructive and unkind anger that has been seeping out either consciously or unconsciously, and taking these small very conscious steps forward, eventually the kindness you innately own will surge to the forefront.

Do not be afraid to curb your anger by showing your divinely imperturbable Self.

Hugs and Blessings ~ Melinda Iverson Inn

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“You have an extraordinary gift for zeroing in on the core emotional and spiritual issues that most need addressing.”

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