“Because I exist, nothing that I need, when I need it, will ever be held back from me.”
– C. R. Iverson

Sensitive therapists who work with the energy of others often find themselves faced with too much information. Even worse, they’re in a position where they may be affected by toxic energies either from clients or (sad to say) fellow professionals.

Inevitably in energy work, we will eventually find ourselves dealing, not only with our own energetic “stuff,” but with other people’s as well. It hardly needs to be said that not everyone is ready or emotionally equipped to practice skillfully in such situations.

That said, is there any way to shield oneself from this mental-emotional-spirit level “broadcasting” by others? Is there some form of energetic protection we can activate to keep ourselves from being affected by TMEI (Too Much Energetic Information) in our work and lives?

Well, as usual, this is an inside job. It’s really all about you, and the way to protection lies in your own integrity. Energetic protection comes from being in integrity with your self and with others, and from respecting the rights of others to energetic privacy, whether they are lovers, friends, clients, fellow professionals, or even our teachers. As practitioners with gifts and talent, we must learn to manage our gifts, and part of that process is learning to be energetically polite. As professionals we must respect ourselves and those around us even as we evaluate their needs and/or services.

I learned an important lesson in this regard when I experienced a physical reaction to a DVD of a dowsing teacher. As I watched, I became so nosy about the process of how he arrived at his dowsing technique that I became physically ill. I realized that, energetically speaking, I had not been invited to the other’s private process, toxic or otherwise.

I realized then that when we have an adverse reaction to another’s energy, it’s much more about us; namely, why we chose to entangle ourselves too deeply in their energy in the first place.
This is the kind of interaction that can, on one hand, feel very much like eavesdropping or gossiping, snooping in things that are really none of our business; on the other hand, it may actually harm us energetically or, as with me, cause an actual negative physical reaction.
As you work with energy information, realize that nothing that is necessary for helping or healing will be held back from you.  On the energetic plane, as here on the material plane, snooping is not the way to gain information with integrity.

So how can we avoid TMEI and/or snooping scenarios?  As students who are trying to learn and evolve as practitioners, the main thing we can do is to resolve to act purely as witnesses—to observe partners, teachers, clients, family members, or anyone else we are learning from and with, from the perspective of an objective third-party viewer.

And here’s the hard part: we do this, and we don’t intrude. We may interact and work with the energy of others when requested or invited to. We accept with gratitude what they choose to reveal to us, but otherwise, we observe.

Why is this so important when studying with a new teacher or learning new techniques? Think about it; a teacher may have suffered greatly in coming upon this new technique; do you really want to emulate/re-create/experience that suffering in your energy field?

Another very good reason for not intruding on another’s energetic field while he/she is teaching is that most teachers, like the rest of us, still have their own toxic stuff to clear. (Most teachers and practitioners do the best we can to be clean and clear and maintain pure channels and yet, guess what? we all still have stuff to work out.)

Also, be aware that good information can come from bad sources. What is being taught can be very separate from the person doing the teaching. If you just want to learn about or try out a good technique, it’s ideal to have a wise and experienced teacher with pure motives, but that’s not always who’s available. By adopting the “witness” posture and taking in the teaching without absorbing the teacher’s “stuff,” it’s perfectly possible to learn without losing our psychic balance.

If you or anyone else intrudes upon a teacher’s energy, rather than being the third-party witness to learning, you may suffer as I did when watching the above mentioned dowsing DVD. My physical reaction was so acute I had a coughing, choking reaction whenever I tried to go back to the lessons.

So here are some questions to ask yourself when embarking on an energetic journey exchange of learning, teaching, or helping, whether in conferences, crowds, or one-to-one:

1. (In all situations) Is this process good for my soul’s evolution right now?

2. (When working/studying with a teacher, or when working with an individual as a teacher/therapist) Do I have permission to get involved energetically with such-and-such a person at the deepest energetic levels at this time?

3. (In all situations) Have I cleared myself to engage energetically with another, and have I been invited into their energy field? Have I asked to be invited in energetically?

4. (As a teacher/therapist) Have I cleared myself sufficiently to write this book or article, or to engage in teaching, in person or through a DVD?

5. (As a teacher) Have I stated to my students or audience: “Please be a witness to these events, teachings; take/use what resonates and leave the rest behind.”? (Using this statement is a caveat; you’re issuing a warning that it’s not okay for them to intrude on you personally and that you are protecting yourself by speaking with such integrity.)

These questions can be used consciously as a practice to support your personal energy protection until it becomes an intrinsic part of your being in both the material and energetic worlds. If you don’t embody these protections, you’re taking a chance on having an uncomfortable and even dangerous reaction to and with others, whether family members, friends, crowds, teachers, or colleagues.

Here’s a challenge: as a teacher, can you look with the eyes of compassion and wonder, as a third person or witness, at your students’ new understandings, learnings, and awareness, without being a nosy busybody, even unconsciously? Can you do the same with the teachings of another when it’s you who is the student?

And, by the way, if you’re watching someone teaching something, even on a DVD, it’s not your place to energetically intrude. Watch and learn but don’t butt in. Energetic protection is not just about shielding; it’s about good manners. Stay out of other people’s energies (unless invited in) and your integrity will be your protection. Know that you will have the appropriate information when you need it, and that if you have to go digging for information energetically then the ego self is interfering.

We say this with the utmost love and respect to those who have not yet learned that it’s polite to ask permission to enter another’s energetic field, even from a distance: please re-consider. This is our responsibility as teachers, students and helpers.

PS: Did I mention that nothing that you need for helping or healing will ever be held back from you?

~ Blessings

Melinda Iverson Inn

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“You have an extraordinary gift for zeroing in on the core emotional and spiritual issues that most need addressing.”

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