Healing Unconscious Obstructions

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UK podcast 2011 Dowsing To Clear Unconscious Obstructions, Volume 1: The Emotional Level.

Click the play button below to listen to the amazing workshop taught by Melinda at the 2011 British Society of Dowsers Conference in Cirencester, UK. Or you can download it to your phone or mobile device by clicking the small Download link.

It was originally published as a British Society of Dowsers “Adventures in Dowsing” podcast in 2011.

Using an audience volunteer, Melinda demonstrates her Inn Method® for resolving deep-seated emotional obstructions. Follow along as she reveals her easy to learn five-step method.

“I know it was a little while ago when I was your client volunteer at the British Dowsers Convention at Cirencester but what you did in that session has created changes in me that have lasted. It has made me feel a stronger person, more confident in myself. Every now and then I remember the positive statements and renew the belief in myself and my abilities.” ~G, United Kingdom