International Dowsing Day in Sunny California


May 5th was International Dowsing Day and I spent the day in Cupertino, California with brilliant fellow dowsers Pete Warburton and Joe Wippich, some interested student dowsers, and those who came seeking possible help with their issues.

We worked on, and had round table discussions  to better understand Dowsing for Health and Well Being; specifically trauma release related to Mother and/or Father from conception to present time, Identity Issues combined with not being grounded as possible elements leading to Alzheimer’s and cases of children with Dyslexia and how to possibly get them into harmony with the alphabet of their primary language, and even perhaps broaden to other alphabets in various languages.

Thought provoking questions were posed for non-thought required answers. Such as,  “On a scale of 1-100%, What percentage have you obtained in fulfilling your purpose?'” The answers were pleasantly surprising.  I invite readers to try it sometime.

All in all we covered a lot of ground. Our goal was to dig a little deeper, ask more questions and try the answers out in hypothetical or real situations.  We did not unravel the mysteries of issues such as Alzheimer’s, Dyslexia or Autism. But we certainly gave it a good go, and will continue our research.

I am filled with hope and very excited about the possibilities.
Blessings ~ Melinda Iverson Inn
Founder: Soul Conversations With Kids

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