Keeping Emotionally Balanced During Physically Challenging Times – Part 1/7

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In the introduction to this complimentary 7 part series Keeping Emotionally Balanced During Physically Challenging Times we learned the Presuppositions for Self-Healing and the 
Goals of Self-Healing.

Part 1: Wisdom and Justification

44Is everything feeling like a huge deal? Do your emotions feel as they did when you were a teenager and the dopamine was coursing through your brain in abundance, making everything seem extreme?

Extremes of learning, risk-taking, thrill-seeking and emotional highs and lows are actually normal when they apply to teenager’s body chemistry. When they happen to us as adults, however, it indicates a lack of balance somewhere. What creates this situation? One frequent cause of imbalance is the differences between our mental image of who we think we are, our concept of how we think we “should” be handling a certain situation, and a disconnect between that ideal-behavior “should” image and what’s actually taking place.

Self-worth becomes bound up in the idea of how you think others see you, thus influencing how you see yourself. Then the self-punishment begins to take you down the road of exacerbating something that was not such a big deal in the first place into an OMG!! Drama. Really? Was it that big of a deal? Does the drama really need justification?

The triggered memory-wounds of the past, the comparing of ourselves to others, our ideas of how we think we are seen and judged by others, and the ever- present need to feel in control can really combine, in difficult moments, to make mountains out of molehills. The really tricky part of being in balance is cultivating an ability to re-observe the situation from a kind, neutral place, neither punishing ourselves, nor desperately trying to justify our way of thinking.

Simply stated, you are, in this moment, spiritually all right. Whatever it is that is bothering you in worldly terms will be worked out somehow. Your wisdom will find the self-healing, the letting-go-of, the place of balance that comes to terms with where you need to be right now. If you are sorry, be sorry, if you miss someone, miss him or her, if you feel unhappy about something, feel unhappy about it.

These feelings are what’s happening at that moment.

The point is to be aware of your conscious decisions in a given situation, all the while knowing that whatever happened to cause the experience was in your best interest. You are, whether consciously or unconsciously, setting up situations to bring your heart closer to that bigger love and awareness that we seem to be wired to seek, as if a beacon is calling us home.


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