Keeping Emotionally Balanced During Physically Challenging Times – Part 3/7

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Part 3:  Back to Nature (Live More)

 40What many people think of when we say “back to nature” is a walk in the woods or running around in the buff. But what I mean by it is getting back to our true nature. But how do we know our true nature, and how does one get back to it?

Do you believe that your true nature is about being cranky and in pain? If you answered yes to this question, then I would say, “You’re right! “Equally, if you say that your true nature is about feeling good and being happy, I would say, “You’re right!” Can crankiness and pain share psychic space with feeling good and happy? I would say “Yes!”  Since we are always physically oriented to and affected by our surroundings, our emotions, our mental states and our thoughts, we are therefore open to a wide range of simultaneous experience.

If we tend to live in one mental or emotional area more than another, we may well feel the effects of being out of balance. Fully participating in the present, in whatever is required at the moment, may involve tears and emotions that can be labeled either “good” or “bad” as experiences go. When we have fully experienced them, however, they don’t generally hang around in our psyches as guilt, anger, or other manifestations of the past or future.

Consider what it would be like to walk through each moment with a divinely imperturbable attitude, whatever happens, knowing that you are resting in the moment, and capable of meeting what is.  In this mind-state, whatever happens to us, whatever the trauma, or happiness, we can address it in the moment, asking ourselves: “What am I learning from this experience?” There is no right or wrong answer. All answers are deeply personal and are between you and your version of the Divine, thereby bringing you back to living in the comfort and knowing-ness of the One within you.

Be Well ~ Melinda

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