Making The Unconscious Conscious With Dowsing


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”– Carl Jung

As multi-dimensional beings we have the capability to grow in our awareness on every level of our existence. In the process of expanding our consciousness I have noticed that we often become out of balance due to our unconscious obstructions. These obstructions are the ego’s way of preventing us from realizing our full potential. Our inability to see these obstructions or make the unconscious conscious is what the Buddhist call ignorance. When we are prevented from making a change it is because the ego has an investment in our current emotional state. However, my experience has shown that very few people choose to continue with an unproductive behavior once this obstruction is brought to the conscious level. The goal therefore, is to strive to lift the veil of ego-driven ignorance and begin to realize our full potential.

An example of this imbalance is when the Spirit body (not to be confused with one’s Divinity) and physical body take a leap ahead in awareness, and the ego of the mental and or emotional bodies, becomes unsure and holds back, this results in confusion or discomfort for the subject on the conscious level. In my opinion, this fragmentation is due to some belief, thought form, pattern, idea, program or memory from either this human lifetime or a past human lifetime.

When this fragmentation happens we see a trend develop in the client’s emotional experience, ranging from confusion to frustration to sadness and grief, as well as a host of other emotions of which they may not be able to consciously detect or identify.

I believe it is important to identify these emotions and get as close as possible to the original inception of the misunderstanding so that the unconscious can be brought to the light of the consciousness. These blockages, which come from our ego, are surprise packages to be opened by our wisdom-guided Divine Self to help us experience greater harmony as we lift the veils of ignorance and become cleaner, clear, more pure channels of God Light.

The story surrounding the obstructions is not as important as what the supposed benefit is to the ego self. For example, a client was experiencing rejection. My question to the client was, “What is the benefit of experiencing rejection?” His immediate and uncensored answer was “Strength”. As we enquired more about this, he stated that his motto in life was; “What does not kill me makes me stronger.” In response to this we simply asked; “The more rejection, the stronger you get?” In this case, the self-fulfilling prophecy that “rejection provides strength” was the ego’s veil.

Just by voicing this out loud the client could see the non-beneficial unconscious misunderstanding that was keeping him from experiencing his potential. He was able to release the contents of that package immediately. You could literally see the rearranging of his neural pathways through his eyes.

The dowsing tool showed us what the unconscious emotion was, where it was residing and then guided the release of the emotional obstruction on the upper planes, to then be realized on the conscious level.

Another example was when working with a client who felt disconnected and consciously could not identify the problem. We were able to uncover the emotion of envy, which was residing in the spleen. When she was asked what she was gaining from the envy, she answered “Self torture”. Again the question was asked, what is the benefit of “self torture?” She answered, “Being a martyr or victim”. Continuing this line of questioning we got down to “love”. For this client the emotion of envy was really about her wanting to be loved.

Regardless of the origins of the blockages or where they reside in our system, we as dowsers have the ability to go to the unconscious and shine the light on where our ego has impeded our ability to recognize on the conscious level, that we are a part of the All.

The ego has so many different ways of creating veils of ignorance that keep us in states of disharmony from the grossest to the subtlest levels of our being.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to do the process of unwrapping. These blockages can be acquired from our ancestors and from relationships in past lives or this present life. Make no mistake they are ours to unwrap.

Unwrapping our packages is not always appealing to us and we often allow ourselves to suffer and blame others for the gifts we are about to receive. We do know however, on some level, that once the obstruction is revealed there will come a renewed sense of freedom and levity, with joy and the potential for a deeper sense of peace. This, I believe, is why we continuously strive for greater awareness.

I am forever in awe of what I learn through the grace of Source/God, my dowsing system and the privilege of the trust my clients have with this process. I myself have experienced great resistance to my own growth, actually hearing my ego self say out loud while feeling utter terror and despair, “If I release this old awareness for the newer awareness I will be bigger, more light filled and more loved than I am now.” The words were incongruent with the way I was feeling. It was very confusing.

The ego-driven fear of being our mighty, great Selves is a learned behavior just like doubt is a learned behavior. The good news is we can overcome and change those learned behaviors with a little patience, objectivity, introspection and help from our Divinity and our Spirit friends. Allowing our selves the courage to be fearless in our quest for the truth by unwrapping our packages, bringing the unconscious to the conscious will create greater harmony and balance on all levels of our being-ness. Thus revealing our true nature.

The greater harmony and balance we experience will then spread energetically like a soothing balm to those around us who may be suffering, without our ever having to speak a word.
Imagine that.

With Blessings ~ Melinda