Sending Prayers Across the Valley and Beyond

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Part of my morning ritual is to sit outside with my tea, and realign and cleanse my energetic self. Once that part is complete, I try to turn my intention to others. These beautiful prayer flags that span our courtyard always remind me of the time and effort that the Rinpoche took to bless them, so that the breeze could carry their blessings far and wide.

(I’m not always so saintly, however, and sometimes find myself wrapped up in my own seemingly important stuff and unable to see beyond the horizon.)

This makes me wonder: how much time and effort do we intentionally put into unwrapping our own minds and sending blessings to others, all others, without discrimination?

Right now many need our intentional heart blessings. Here is a quick guide you can follow right now that will make a difference in your life and many others. It really only takes about 10-15 minutes.

If you try this, I can honestly say it will bring you peace even in times of personal turmoil. Why? Because in sending heart blessings, you’re thinking outside of yourself. Your ego is being asked to back off and be quiet while you direct your attention to others and away from the focus of the small self.

Prayers across the valley

This photo carries the energy of the blessings imprinted on these flags. There’s no need to formulate a specific prayer—it’s already taken care of. All you need to do is to hit the forward button in your mind.

  • Imagine the wind, visible in this video, sweet and warm, forwarding and carrying these prayers from me to you, your home and those that dwell there.
  • Feel yourself receive these special blessings, and then pass them along with the intention of your heart that they be carried and felt as a comfort and guide to those suffering in your neighborhood, village, town, state, and country.
  • Focus your heartfelt intention, so that the wind carries these blessings to other neighboring countries across the globe, around the equator and pole to pole.
  • Trust the element of Wind to fulfill your request.

Trust that the imprinted prayers offer great comfort.

Breathe in the knowing that your taking this time and effort to carry out this one small act will allow these blessings to touch many beings, without discrimination.

You’ll find that a state of deep peace will accompany this small gesture.

Wishing You Peace & Blessings,


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