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Human conduct is ever unreliable until man is anchored in the Divine. Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.”          —Swami Sri Yukteswar

“Guru, Teacher, Master, Sifu…. They all have the same meaning: an influential teacher or
respected knowledgeable elder. They are those who have gained a certain awareness or
expertise in their field of understanding and awareness.
In Hinduism and Buddhism, a Guru is known as a spiritual teacher or one who imparts
initiation. These teachers can be in a body, or have kicked the frame.

I personally have learned from many in-body and without-body teachers who are humble and
never claimed they have the only right way. Like inner wisdom, itself they remained in the
background and came to the foreground only when needed.

Why do we need the Helpful Masters and Teachers?
No matter what your belief system may be, history has shown that many teachers and
enlightened beings have walked the earth before us, and that they can help us on our path
by example and by providing guidance. When doing healing work on yourself, or any other type of work, it’s highly recommended that you call upon those Teachers or Masters with whom you have an affinity and who have agreed to work with you.

Examples of Helpful Masters include Great Indigenous Elders, Medicine Men and Women,
Mother Mary, St. Germain, St Francis, the Archangels, Paramahansa Yogananda, Christ,
Milarepa, Manjushri, Buddha, Abraham, and the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the Light.
You may have other beings that function in your worldview as Helpful Masters. It is my practice
to invite certain Masters to contribute their energy to a session because they bring with them
a healing frequency that I would be unable to access on my own. In my understanding, the
Masters will help to hold the space and guide us, if we ask, while we are having our human
experiences in the quest for our healing truth as growth and awareness shifts. The Masters
with whom you resonate will come when you ask them, and they will help you.

With practice, you will understand that you are not doing the work, whatever work you are doing,
you are just the vehicle that is requesting that the work be done in order to help you release your suffering, thus helping others to do the same. You become the vessel for that healing energy which flows through you.

Blessings ~ Melinda
PS Teachers can show up in any form, like the gas attendant, or the grocery clerk. Being open and aware will help you see, and learn from them when they appear.

This article is an excerpt from Dowsing To Clear Unconscious Obstructions Volume 1 The Emotional Level

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