Human conduct is ever unreliable until man is anchored in the Divine. Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.” —Swami Sri Yukteswar

The memory of an event or mishap, if not worked out on the mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical levels, can perpetuate suffering by continuing to create this charge around the event.

Forgiveness means looking past the action, word, or intense thoughts of the injustice, in order to see past the personality of the other person involved, and recognizing that the other must be suffering as well to have created such an injustice or affront to you.

This does not mean you have to forget what happened, but helps you to understand, so that if that memory of injustice pops into mind, you are not back in that place, instantly re-experiencing the accompanying past emotions.

There are many permutations of the idea of forgiveness; our goal is to bring forth the idea that there is a natural law to forgiving. And that Law involves releasing the emotional attachment to the past memory and offering up some healing assistance and suggestions.

As there are many ways to say “I love you,” so there are to say “I forgive you and one day you will either earn my trust, or I will grant it to you, and/or it will not and does not matter anymore, because of my own evolution.”

Think of an instance in your life that triggers an unpleasant memory around an injustice to you.

Try these sentences on and see how they fit for you.

“I forgive you, and I am open to the possibility of trusting you again.”

“I forgive you, and know that you may or may not do this thing again and yet I forgive and I trust you no matter what.”

“I forgive you, and now I am moving on, knowing that I am leaving you and the circumstance or event behind me.”

Now try this sentence:

“I no longer feel any charge from this memory, either emotionally, as in a feeling, or physically, as in heart racing or body temperature going up. This memory no longer binds me. And I feel neutral to this memory.”

There are quite a few forgiveness and reconciliation options to choose from when it comes to clearing your own psyche of the mental, emotional and spiritual “space junk “ floating around both in your energetic field, and in your cognitive and subconscious/unconscious mind.

The moment of recognition of the fact that something in you is making you feel uncomfortable with something that has happened (or is currently happening) which causes you to feel betrayed or disappointed—that’s where the process begins.

Forgiveness vs. Reconciliation

Forgiveness creates ease between people so that they may go to the next level of reconciliation if they so choose.

The options of forgiveness and reconciliation are:

1. We acknowledge what happened, and we resolve never to go there again.

2. We forgive and begin the process of granting or allowing the trust to be earned again, therefore creating reconciliation.

3. We know that human behavior is ever unreliable, and that there is nothing that the other can do or say that would shake us from our own peace, but that does not mean we have to be around them and their unreliability.

4. We realize that if someone lies to us, we are not responsible for that lie.

Following this attitude, you will continue to create circumstances and events to aid in your desire to be free of the thoughts, words or actions that created the disharmony and offensiveness, until they are acknowledged and released from your energetic field. One small thought towards atonement is all that it takes, and then the rest will begin to fall into place.

Why is it so important to clear our own “space junk?” because the very act of clearing means that you love yourself enough not to be driven in your behavior, thoughts, or actions by past memories of indifference or anger towards those that harmed you in some way.

Until we ourselves are Self-realized, we also will be unreliable in our behavior towards people and circumstances. However, we want our reactions or actions to come from a place of divine wisdom, which can only be found, in the spaces in-between the “junk,” in our memories.

When you begin to widen the gap, and to have more clarity and clear space between the memories, you realize that that space is where Divine inspiration lives. It lives in the act of clearing, in creating the spaces in between, and in the knowing that whatever you decide to do with your forgiveness and reconciliation ideas is okay. You will get another chance to decide something different at another time, based on new learning and understandings that you glean from that clarity in between.

Many Blessings ~ Melinda

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“You have an extraordinary gift for zeroing in on the core emotional and spiritual issues that most need addressing.”

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