“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your deep, driving desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”— Upanishads

Simply put, willpower is the ability to tap into your energetic strength, the core of inner energy that exists in all of us. Like any other power source, this ability can be used for many purposes, and in many ways.

It can be used in positive ways, for instance, to break negative habits, to manage the discipline needed to create a spiritual practice, or to achieve some positive goal or desire. Even small actions, like the lifting of your hand, are done by willpower, but you can also use this ability in larger ways, e.g., to change your emotional state, from negative to positive or vice-versa.

In order to create right use of our will, we need to be in contact with the grounded core of our inner energy and to access its positive nature. This source of willpower radiates a deep knowing, and an understanding that all is possible with right thinking and right action.

When your intention is to act with right will, whatever is the highest good for you will be the highest good for the All—but only when it is approached with integrity, generosity, willingness to serve others, and the deep alignment with Universal Law that creates words and actions out of inner wisdom.

When you use your will in conjunction with Universal Law, you will find that the doors you once thought you had to kick down now open easily. Occasionally we may encounter obstacles, but they will be of the kind that allow us the opportunity to regroup, reevaluate what we are wanting/willing, and/or perhaps reorganize our thinking.

But how do you know if you’re misusing your willpower? It’s simple; you’ll be able to feel it. We’ve all been there; it‘s like banging your head against a wall, or finding obstacles, hurdles to jump or barriers to overcome at every step of your way. When this happens you know that you are not in the flow of the Divine Will. You’ll also learn to recognize when your ego is saying “no,” and constantly resisting “what is,”

This is why, for each contemplated action or use of willpower, it’s good to get in the habit of quickly reviewing these key questions:

1. Is this use of willpower in alignment with who I am?
2. Is this the proper timing for such an endeavor?
3. Is this the right door that I am trying so forcefully to open?
4. Are the Universal Intelligence and/or my higher Self trying to tell me something or to protect me in some way?
5. Do I need more information in order to act wisely?

No matter what level of spiritual activity you are working from, right use of willpower comes from our higher will’s being in alignment with the universal flow.

So how can we access this connection? You can achieve alignment by allowing yourself to surrender into a deep feeling of intense affection for your Self, softening the sharp edges of who you are, empowering and connecting with your positive Self, and only then tapping into your will and going with the flow.

Remember, surrender is not the act of giving away or diminishing one’s Self or position, but simply of letting go of that which is holding you back (the little “me”), and allowing the Divine “I” to shine through and guide you.

When you use your willpower rightly, surrender feels good, and gives you the sensation that all is as it should be. One pleasant result of releasing resistance is that of empowering yourself and others. When you see and treat others as fellow souls on the path instead of as obstacles to your will, they will respond in kind.

Willpower is also an important part of the manifestation process: using your focused intent, search for the emotions or feelings that match how you would feel about having whatever it is you want to manifest, and remember that it is the Universal Intelligence’s (God Source’s, Goddess’s, Divine Mother’s) great pleasure to give you his/her/its kingdom with such gifts.

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“You have an extraordinary gift for zeroing in on the core emotional and spiritual issues that most need addressing.”

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