You Are Perfection


“Me? Perfect?” You might ask, “How can you say that? I don’t feel perfect at all! Nobody’s perfect!”

It may come as a surprise, but each of us contains perfection; it is our innate Divinity; that deep and positive energy pattern with which we were born, and which links us to all Beings. As we do our inner work, we may just be starting to sense its presence. With diligence, we can consciously create and reinforce behaviors and responses based on loving-kindness, patience, forgiveness and generosity. In channeling our acts and intentions in this way, we can connect with the Divinity within us, and learn to see it in others. By example, we may even inspire others to do the same.

An important part of this process is to observe when we are judging others or ourselves. It is our judgments of non-perfection that create blockages in our clarity and in our connection to our own inner perfection; judging also prevents us from seeing the Divine presence reflected back to us by others.

This cultivation/reflection of perfection requires constancy and diligence. We need to be aware, in each moment, of how we are viewing the world, others, and ourselves. Are our past hurts and experiences driving our behavior? Are we slaves to habitual negative thinking and therefore reacting blindly instead of acting consciously? The more conscious awareness we bring to the present moment, the less suffering we experience and the less suffering we inflict upon others.

In time one can begin to see the Divine in all beings. Even so-called inanimate objects exist as energy patterns that are keyed into the Divine consciousness.

Everything is as it is and, some would say, “as it should be.” That includes you and all those thought forms that you are consciously creating around you. To see that everything is perfectly in its place of being-ness, and to allow that vision, is to recognize that which is called Divine order.

Many Blessings ~ Melinda

Exercise: Close your eyes. Follow your breath, counting each out-breath up to the number 10, and then keep repeating the sequence. Let go and be where you are, and in the moment. There is no rush or hurry. You are here now to see yourself as perfection.

Step out of the outer body. Imagine a zipper running down your midline. Unzip the zipper and allow the perfect you to step out. Gently bring yourself back and open your eyes.

Say, “I AM” out loud, three to five times. You are the “I AM.” See yourself as perfection. See any emotional or physical disharmony that you are currently experiencing as a temporary imbalance that can be brought back into the balanced whole that you are creating within yourself.

Journal: What did you notice in that experience? Were there any noticeable sensations in your body? Did you have an emotional reaction?

What is going on mentally and spiritually for you right now?

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