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Some Thoughts About Saying “Yes”

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Manage the Practice of Saying “Yes” In our spiritual journey, we’re often encouraged to say “yes” to everything, to be more positive and open to life’s opportunities. But if a “yes” is not in your best interests or those of any other parties involved, just...

Accessing Your Inner Guidance

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Getting In Touch With The Divine Within All of us are born with an inner guidance system, our subliminal connection to the Divine within. Some people call it their intuition, others might speak of a talent for “ getting good hunches” or “ making...

Using A Mala To Calm The Mind

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I do a lot of traveling, and often find myself in busy airports with lots of noise and disturbance. In such situations, one of my favorite tools for focusing and accessing my calm go-to place inside is my mala. A mala (Sanskrit for “...