Events: San Jose Dowsers Saturday, May 13, 2017

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Come and meet me Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Community of Infinite Spirit, 1540 Hicks Ave, San Jose, CA 95125   No registration needed – $7 door, $5 ASD members.
We’ll see you there!

5 Steps to Empower Your Practice and Encourage Your Healing Journey

The biggest obstacle healer’s encounter is serving others while neglecting their own self-discovery practice. If you happen to notice you are feeling stagnant, blocked or ineffective, you know it’s a clear sign you need to clean out your own vessel and come into alignment.

Out of my own need, I developed 5 steps designed specifically to help dowsers stay energetically balanced even during busy times in their practice. For beginners and experts alike, these 5 steps will empower your practice, and encourage your own healing journey.

During this presentation you will learn ways to:

  • See any issue with an attitude of openness, eagerness,
    and lack of preconceptions
  • Become a warrior on your own “path of self-discovery”
  • Transcend the urge to quit when things get frustrating
  • And more…

Our gift of service is enhanced by our willingness to practice cutting-edge self-healing on an ongoing basis. This presentation is designed to support you on that journey.

Melinda Iverson Inn helps conscious seekers like you to get in tune with your own intuitive wisdom to bring forth and create harmony, balance, and clarity for your health and well being.

Get a free 15-minute Self-Healing Discovery session with Melinda

phone: (+1) 415-508-6847   SKYPE: melindainn

Melinda is also the author of 4 books:
Becoming Your Own Intuitive Healer,
The Spirit of Dowsing: A Beginner’s Guide,
Dowsing To Clear Unconscious Obstructions Volume 1
Emotional Level, Volume 2 Mental and Spiritual Levels.