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Your Companion & Guide for Success and Well Being

The dynamics of my own personal journey and the resulting first-person knowledge about the transformative process allow me to be of aid to you through your own transformation. This is done through intuitive, inspired thinking that is attuned with the subtle Divine energies. It is then communicated to you how you can best use these energies and the lenses through which you perceive life.

Watch this Video by Melinda, the Author of “The Spirit of Dowsing”, and one of California’s most respected authorities on this ancient science. Dowsing taps the inner forces of nature, a source of information as critical as any obvious by sight.

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The Inn Method®  is designed to help clear unconscious mental, emotional and spiritual obstructions. by using journaling, meditation, dowsing, powerful intuition and self discovery through a dialogue with your inner healer and guidance system, to help create greater clarity for everyday living choices.

Within this process I promise to do my best to embody the energy of Divine Love, Joy, Compassion and Higher Consciousness, and to be a catalyst for the change and transformations that you seek. As an eternal student I am constantly in awe of my clients and their eternal beauty, grace and light. I am privileged and honored.