About Sessions

About Sessions with Melinda:

Book your 15 minute pre consultation by clicking here.

All sessions are by phone unless other arrangements have been made. There are three session types to consider – a session for the first-time client, returning client, and the 4-Session package. A single session can last from 35-55 minutes. Your Higher Self determines the length and direction of the sessions.

Sessions may not be a vibrational match for everyone. If after 10 minutes Melinda has decided she cannot be of service a full refund is issued.

Schedule, then pay to confirm a session:

Check Availability And Reserve A Time:

You will be directed to Melinda’s calendar to select an appointment time. Please enter your information and follow the link to the payment page to complete the process. Please note: It is not necessary to register with the calendar web site in order to schedule a time or to reschedule/cancel your time. An appointment is considered unconfirmed until we’ve received payment.


International Sessions:

If you live outside of the United States, Skype may be used to avoid long-distance phone charges.

Download the free software from www.skype.com and create your account.

When you are scheduling your appointment enter your Skype ID instead of a telephone number.

Melinda’s Skype ID is: MelindaInn

Schedule a time

Appointment Instructions:

Please take time before your session to:
1. Sit quietly for about 10 minutes
2. Remove any possible distractions.


If you do not reach Melinda the first time, please call back in a few minutes as she is most likely finishing up with a client.


If you need to reschedule your appointment, email Melinda at melinda (at) melindainn (dot) com 48 or more hours before your session is scheduled to start.  You may reschedule your appointment. It is not necessary to register with the Fullslate Calendar in order to schedule a time or to reschedule/cancel your time. Simply email Melinda with your request.

Schedule a time


A session time is not considered confirmed until payment has been made.

When you click a Schedule Session button to select the type of session you wish to purchase,
you will be redirected to Paypal for payment.

If you have purchased a package of 4 or 8 sessions, simply fill in your code when prompted.

Your Paypal receipt is your confirmation for your appointment.


If you cannot make your appointment time for any reason you may reschedule your appointment time. We are committed to you and your process, therefore we do not offer refunds.




To get started, I invite you to apply for your complimentary Self-Healing Discovery Session with me where we can explore how best to empower you on your healing journey.

“The session you guided was life changing. Just the part where we looked at the place indecision was holding, love, joy, enlightenment, was extraordinary. Thank you.”

~ I. N., Windyville, MO

“You have an extraordinary gift for zeroing in on the core emotional and spiritual issues that most need addressing.”

~ C. M., Napa, CA

“Hi Melinda, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have had these headaches for 6 agonizing, frustrating, frightening months. I have spent hours and hours trying to clear them. You have saved my sanity. I am so thankful and grateful that you were there! Many hugs,”

~ Elizabeth, Foster City, CA

“Daniel here. Wow. Epic. It’s a brand new day here. Thank you. You were miraculous. I’m sure the first of many great adventures together!”

~ Daniel S. Sonoma, CA

“Feel great and laughing so much. [I] jogged this morning. I slept till 7:30 am. Wow. I haven’t done that for years. I want others to know what it is to live not just to exist in the world.”

~ S. Butterworth Aurora, Mo

“You have the great gift of moving me forward while allowing me to laugh at myself and the great and profound hilarity of it all. Thank you.”

~ S., Los Angeles, CA

“You have an extraordinary gift for zeroing in on the core emotional and spiritual issues that most need addressing.”

~ C. M., Napa, CA

“The session was nothing short of amazing. I continue to be amazed with my “new self” since our session. There have been numerous instances where the negative forces that used to shape my personality no longer seem to exist. In all the experience was beyond anything I would have expected.”

~ J. S., Florida