Hello.  My name is Melinda Iverson Inn and I became an intuitive healer as a result of my own long and insightful journey to good health. My experiences, while challenging, led me to this exciting practice of helping others tune into their own intuitive healing wisdom.

When you’ve been putting your health in the hands of others and you’re feeling a bit in the dark, you can’t help but wonder, “is there something I can do to help my own body heal faster and stay stronger?” My answer for you is a resounding YES!

And I’m here to help you discover your own self-healing journey

Consider me your “Self Healing Companion!

I can help you get in touch with the wisdom of your own healing intelligence. I have developed the Inn Method® for Clearing Unconscious Obstructions to create a powerful healing transformation for you and your family. See my books on this topic HERE.

When we work together, you will be guided to your own insightful healing wisdom through connection with:

  • Powerful Intuition (Scanning your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies)

  • Inspired Thinking (Revealing and diving into discovered blocks to release them)

  • Attunement with Subtle Divine Energies (Effective release)

I also work with families with a focus on Soul Conversations With Kids to improve communications between children and parents, and to reveal effective ways to assist in behavioral change.

To get started, I invite you to apply for your complimentary Self-Healing Discovery Session with me where we can explore how best to empower you on your healing journey.

Learn more about my services Here.

Hugs ~ Melinda Iverson Inn

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