I became an intuitive healer as a result of my own long and insightful journey to good health: Connecting you with the wisdom of Healing Intelligence using fearless clarity and courageous joy.

The acclaimed Inn Method® for Clearing Unconscious Obstructions creates powerful transformation.

You will be guided to your own insightful healing wisdom through connection with:

  • Powerful Intuition (Scanning your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies)
  • Inspired Thinking (Revealing and diving into discovered blocks to release them)
  • Attunement with subtle Divine energies (Effective messages from Spirit Team Melinda)


SoulKids™ Whisperer

Parents contact me on behalf of their amazing children to expand communication and understanding.

As a result In 2010 I developed Soul Conversation With Kids®.

SoulKids™ Whisperer provides:

  • Helps parents to understand what is being communicated thorough their child’s behavior.
  • Reveal effective ways to assist in behavioral change.
  • Help children express their individual soul being. (SoulKids™ is a life-skills enrichment program to boost children’s self-confidence and self-esteem.)

I hope to make your acquaintance soon.

Work with me to reveal the hidden power of your connection to the Divine.

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~ Melinda Iverson Inn


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