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Melinda Iverson Inn, developer of the Inn Method®

A Simple Path to a Happier You

free 3-day course

Living From the Heart

In my practice, I have found that what holds people back from experiencing the joy, love and happiness they long for are misunderstandings about themselves and the world around them, and about the magnificent beings they truly are.

With the easy exercises in this course I have designed ways for you to bring yourself back to center, a place where you can make better decisions and move from a head-centered space into the heart.

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Advanced Dowsing Home-Study Course: Dowsing To Clear Unconscious Obstructions Volumes 1 & 2

Home Study Course

Not an online course,
but it is a completely self-contained course
that includes everything you need
to work through it at your own pace.

Includes these valuable resources:

  1. Two step-by-step how-to workbooks,
  2. Energy Clearing Protocol Charts,
  3. Release affirmations/chants,
  4. Actual case studies,
  5. Two DVDs, one for each volume, including recorded release sessions with audience members,
  6. Two 15-minute S.O.S. calls to support you on this new path,
  7. Two quick-reference guides, and
  8. A coupon for 50% off one private session/mentoring class with Melinda

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Overcome Doubt, Access Vibrant Health

Melinda Inn
Online 8-week course delivered to right to your inbox.

Join Melinda for this amazing and life-transforming online course offered in partnership with

In this companion course to the workbook, Becoming Your Own Intuitive Healer, you will receive 8 brief and empowering lessons every seven days in your email inbox.

These easy-to-follow online lessons include specific information for learning to access your innate wisdom directly.

You will learn surprisingly, yet effective, tools to help you in this life-changing process as you identify, release and transform those energies that no longer serve you.

Topics Covered:

  1. The Nature of Miracles
  2. Revealing the “False Self”
  3. The Open Heart
  4. The Strength of Your Will
  5. Resistance and Attachment
  6. Your Forgiving Nature
  7. Letting Go With Gratitude
  8. Blessings and Celebration

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‘Becoming Your Own Intuitive Healer’