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Introduction & Purpose of this Course

If all beings weMelinda Iverson Inn, developer of the Inn Method®re able to recognize themselves as the Divine beings they truly are, there would be no need for introspection; all would experience the endless joy and fulfillment of enlightenment. Fortunately, for those of us who don’t currently count ourselves among the enlightened crowd, there are steps we can take to become more accepting and joyful, regardless of what is going on in our own lives, and beyond.

Memories and beliefs, past events, traditions, rules and difficult experiences can all affect us on conscious or unconscious levels, to create conflict within the current versions of ourselves. Often, we have made unconscious adjustments in our lives to accommodate these conflicts, instead of recognizing, understanding and releasing them, and we continue to suffer from them without ever understanding the cause. So the question is, who are we? How well do we actually know ourselves?

My desire is that these lessons provide tools we can use to shine a light on some of these causes of discomfort. Sometimes recognizing them is easy, sometimes it takes great courage to uncover the things that are impeding us, and sometimes we bump up against things that are too difficult to tackle on our own, and we need to ask for help, but the goal is always that by releasing the conflicts within us, we come closer to recognizing our true, joyful selves.

In this course, I have put together a collection of simple and powerful exercises to help you remember how truly amazing you really are. If you find these exercises helpful, please continue to use them. As with anything, feel free to modify or adapt them to fit your needs.


~ Melinda Iverson Inn