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Dealing with the Ugliness of Anger.

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“Consider what it would be like to walk through each moment with a divinely imperturbable attitude, whatever happens, knowing that you are resting in the moment, and capable of meeting what is.”                      — Melinda Iverson Inn   “You are never upset for the reason you think you are.”... Read More ››

Calling All Empaths


Are you in constant overstimulation? Is your Sponge-O-Meter in the Red? Do you feel exhausted, drained, anxious, cranky, and or experience fitful sleep after working with clients for an extended period of time? Do you feel that way when walking through crowds, watching the news, or just being yourself... Read More ››

Believe in the Magic of You

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“Believe in yourself, your gifts, and your talents, they are meant to be shared.  No amount of letters behind your name will ever make a difference in the gift you have to offer. Your gift is unique and special to you.”       — 11D OS  (11th Dimension Over Soul)  ... Read More ››

Dowsing and Intuitive Guidance

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Listen in as Kristen Carlson, host of The Transformation Highway discusses dowsing and development of intuitive guidance with Melinda. We hear the word intuition often, but understanding it and what our inner guidance is telling us might be somewhat foreign still. There are tools for developing “ears to listen”, or... Read More ››

The Convenience of Kindness

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Kindness seems to be a powerful talking point these days.   A lot of this is due to media/Internet accounts of how we treat other humans, as well as how we relate to animals (the story of Cecil the Lion, for example, who not long ago was illegally shot... Read More ››

Keeping Emotionally Balanced During Physically Challenging Times: Part 6/7 and 7/7

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Part 6: Take That Step Forward: Bon Courage!   “You do not have to dispel the darkness in the world, just light your little candle and step forward.” – Amma   more… All you have to do is show up. If you show up, fully present to where you are... Read More ››

Keeping Emotionally Balanced During Physically Challenging Times: Part 5/7

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Part 5: Taking Care of Ones Self Self–soothing is an ancient and ingrained strategy for living. Babies do it all the time, through thumb-sucking, also, known to be a growth stimulant, or snuggling with favorite stuffed animals. Cats groom themselves. Dogs curl up with their special chew-toys. (Me, I... Read More ››

Keeping Emotionally Balanced During Physically Challenging Times – Part 4/7

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Part 4:  What Makes Your Heart Sing? What puts a smile on your face? What makes you want to move, dance and sing? As adults, happiness, and the things that make us happy, are not always a top priority, though they should be. I often encourage my clients, to... Read More ››

Keeping Emotionally Balanced During Physically Challenging Times – Part 3/7

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Part 3:  Back to Nature (Live More)  What many people think of when we say “back to nature” is a walk in the woods or running around in the buff. But what I mean by it is getting back to our true nature. But how do we know our... Read More ››

Keeping Emotionally Balanced During Physically Challenging Times – 2/7

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Part 2: Caring, Sharing The Love We are all part of the One—that endless loving cosmic energy-stream that created the wonderful, mysterious universe, and gave our bodies self-healing intelligence. We know this at a deep level, yet in everyday life the practice of caring about ourselves by caring for/sharing... Read More ››

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