Pure Intent Water® Energized Drops Concentrate-FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE

This water has been energized through a proprietary modality of activating frequencies, intentionally clearing non-beneficial energies and frequencies. It is now energized to receive your focused intentions. Go to the Pure Intent Water® page for more information.

1 fl.oz. (30ml) bottle with dropper. Shipping calculated at checkout.

Limited Time Offer: Energized Drops plus Free Bonus Facial Spray

Buy 1 bottle of Energized Drops and receive a Bonus Free Bottle of Facial Spray. Pure Intent Water® Energized Facial Spray is designed for rehydrating and be used everyday on the face.

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Information and statements made are for educational purposes only. Pure Intent Water® Filters, Energized Drops and Custom Energized Water is not intended in anyway to be used in lieu of professional medical health advice and/or attention.