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Getting In Touch With The Divine Within

All of us are born with an inner guidance system, our subliminal connection to the Divine within. Some people call it their intuition, others might speak of a talent for “ getting good hunches” or “ making lucky guesses.”

For a lot of people, intuition is a hit-or-miss kind of thing, but it’s very possible to get in touch with your inner guidance system on purpose, and there are all kinds of ways of doing it. Some people use tools, such as pendulums, Tarot cards, or runes, while others gain access through practices like meditation or martial arts.

One of the most important steps in accessing your intuition is getting yourself grounded. If your energy is all in the form of thoughts flying around or chattering in your head, it distracts you from being present physically.

You want to bring your energy downwards, literally “grounding” yourself. Do T’ai Chi or Qigong, or even just stand still and let your energy sink down to your feet. Pay attention to your breathing, too; breathe deep into your belly, then imagine your out-breath draining out through the soles of your feet. The whole idea of being here in the world is being in your body, not out of it.

Being in your body, by the way, doesn’t mean that you’re disconnected from Source. Source is not something that is separate from you, but for various reasons, many of them cultural, we tend to think of it that way.

It’s actually the Divine within you that has the ability to tune into higher frequencies, higher harmonies, or even the Akashic records. (Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky” or “space,” and the Akashic records are collectively understood to be a collection of universal knowledge encoded on a non-physical plane of existence.) You might even think of yourself as a kind of radio receiver, with the capability of tuning into invisible signals through your awareness and presence in your body.

Once you’ve learned to ground yourself, start small, with tiny projects for accessing your intuition, like picking out a perfect piece of fruit in the market, or even just locating a parking space. Become aware of the inner steps you take when making decisions. Where do they come from?

Drop inside and find your intuitive nature. You may get visuals, or clues you can hear or feel: “turn left; turn right; choose this one; choose that one.” Or you may just get a sudden sense of “rightness” (not to be confused with “correctness” or “righteousness”).

It’s going to take some practice. Practice staying in your body, grounding yourself, being aware of your breathing, getting quiet, letting the intuitive messages arise and flow through you, into you.

When you get to a point when it all works out, when you always find a parking spot or choose the best produce, you’ll find that your intuition will also begin to tell you bigger things, that you were supposed to continue this way or that way—or not, if that’s what you find when you tune in. Little by little, you’ll learn to trust your inner voice, and recognize when the universe is trying to tell you something.

So just practice in this way, little by little, and if you need a little help, guidance or encouragement, go to, and I’ll be there for you.

Wishing You Peace & Blessings

~ Melinda


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