The Spirit of Dowsing, Revised

The Spirit of Dowsing, Revised (softcover or downloadable PDF)

An excerpt from the Introduction:

“What is dowsing? Dowsing is an art and science that creates a bridge to the subconscious mind through the use of a pendulum or other instruments/tools.

Dowsers are able to use that bridge to gain access to information not normally available to the waking consciousness.”

“As a beginning dowser, I found Melinda Iverson’s book tremendously helpful. It offers a clear structure and wonderful guidance to effectively learn, confidently use and enjoy pendulum work. I have also done a personal session with Melinda and I appreciated her calm, yet methodical approach. I experienced many ‘ah-ha’ moments…working with Melinda was an excellent experience!” ~ JC, Palo Alto, CA

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