Creative Communication With Your Amazing Child (mini book)

I’ve created some new communication tools for you to try. This mini book includes effective techniques to help you communicate with your child.

Five Techniques to Enhance Communication With Your Beautiful, Joyful, Imaginative, and Amazing Child.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, caregiver, or you’d like to try some news ways of communication with others as well as your children,

  • Learn how to avoid potentially frustrating situations
  • Recognize when the “Chicken is talking to the Duck”
  • Have a better understanding of the desires and needs of others.
  • Learn to get to the root of unwanted behavior.

You will enjoy this mini book if….

  • You are one who likes to try out new ways of communicating with your children.
  • You believe in amazing and creative solutions to everyday issues with your children.
  • You agree with us, and believe that “The brightest lights on this planet are her children.”

As I share with you these five tips to enhance communication with your child, I have every confidence in your innate understanding of your own child’s needs.
I’m present here only as a support system, and as a reminder of your ongoing access to Source and to the wealth of knowledge within you.

Start creatively communication with your child right now.
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