Etheric Body Dowsing Course Book, by Melinda Inn

Etheric Body Dowsing Course Book (PDF)

“Underlying the human body in all its parts is a vehicle called the vital or ‘Etheric” body. It is composed of threads of force. These threads interpenetrate the entire body and the nervous system and are in reality the activating power of the nervous system.” — Alice A Bailey

Our intention is to help you understand that dowsing is one of the many vehicles to understanding the self and therefore expanding ones awareness. Using dowsing to balance the subtle body, known as the etheric body, can increase sensitivity levels, strengthen your physical system and deepen your intuitional skills.

Dowsing the etheric body is a practical skill that anyone who has some dowsing experience, and wishes to optimize his or her health and well being, can learn.

8 1/2 X 11, easy to follow dowsing chart included

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