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Pure Intent Crystal Art


Thank you for your interest in a unique custom designed Pure Intent Crystal Art grid. These one-of-a-kind art pieces are designed to bring harmony, peace, love, realignment and joy to you or a loved one. Here are a few examples of Pure Intent Crystal Art pieces that
have found homes in Virginia; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Lanikai, Hawaii; Honolulu, Hawaii



  • Pure Intent Crystal Art grid price: $250ea.
  • Each Pure Intent Crystal Art grid is unique and varies in the shape, size, type of grid and crystals used.
  • Each Pure Intent Crystal Art grid comes with an authentication certificate and an explanation for each stone used and the intention it was created for.
  • Sample Certificate:

This one-of-a-kind crystal art was created especially for _________ on _______ from the heartfelt wishes of _________ along with the alchemy of Melinda Iverson Inn. This gift is specifically designed to transmit _____ throughout your space, while harmonizing and raising the heart energy within it.

Each crystal art is unique and varies in shape, size, type of grid and crystals. Created from the tradition of alchemy and supported from the heart of the alchemist and the intention of the one gifting.”

  • Each is Crystal Art is framed in a beautiful white wood framed 11 X 11′′ shadow box with a glass protector.
  • Pure Intent Crystal Art grid price: $250ea.(Shipping included in the USA Hawaii and Alaska included)
  • Please contact Melinda for International shipping rates.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for your grid to be completed and shipped.
Note: Please note that these are natural stones, therefore may be slightly larger/smaller and color of stones may vary slightly, but all grid layouts and intentions remain the same as customized for the intended recipient. These one-of-a-kind crystal art grids are finding their way into new homes by loving recommendations like yours. Thank you for Spreading the Love.

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