Thank you for requesting a Universal Healing Energy (Reiki) meditation for yourself, friends, family or pets.

How does the Universal Energy Healing (Reiki) Meditation work?

Reiki is Universal Life Healing Energy, which has intelligence beyond human knowledge and will go wherever it is needed. It is known to bring a calming energy to the body, or subject it is intended for, so that the subject may begin the self-healing process. It can be used in conjunction with standard medical procedures and religious beliefs without any conflict.

What is the process?

1. I begin by going through my list of requests and separate the group requests from the individual requests.
2. The Meditation begins.
3. With the help of my Angels and the Spirit of  Dr. Usui (Reiki Founder) the energy requested is directed to the group or individual subject.
4. If more than one session has been requested we continue the meditation daily.

I have practiced being a channel for this energy to benefit and facilitate the self-healing and clearing of people, pets, including wildlife, along with the spirits of buildings, homes, offices and automobiles with joyful success.

Once the Universal Energy Healing (Reiki) Meditation Request has been made, please know that the Universal Energy Healing is already on its way to the subject.  Just by the mere thought and action of requesting, the energy will begin to flow to whomever, wherever they may be, regardless of the date and time of the request or when the actual mediation commences. It is Universal law.

In order to get the most out of a Reiki meditation request, there are three things you need to do:

  1. Please download, fill out and email back to me. Universal Healing Energy (Reiki) Request Form.
  2. Upload a photo (JPEG, GIF, etc. – file size under 8Mb) and email back along with the form. You can also copy and paste the answers along with your photo into your email response.
  3. Make your donation.

One Universal Energy Healing (Reiki) Group Meditation ($45)

One Individual Universal Energy Healing (Reiki) Meditation ($75)

Four Universal Energy Healing (Reiki) Meditations ($225)

Donations are made by the secure PayPal “Donate” button (for credit cards or electronic bank transfer). Donations can be sent by credit card or electronic bank transfer using these secure PayPal Donate buttons.

A portion of your donation goes to the Pacific Whale Foundation.

Thank You and I look forward to using the Universal Energy Healing (Reiki) Meditation in service to you, your friends, family and pets.

~ Melinda