Icould continue to look into the trauma hole where my burned down house and all my cherished possessions were, or I could begin moving onward and upward.  I have chosen to do the latter as the “trauma hole” got rather exhausting and boring after a while. Re-experiencing the trauma and the loss over and over has become rather tedious. And I’d rather focus on helping those who are in the “trauma hole gazing” phase either consciously or subconsciously, to see that there is hope and light available to everyone. No matter the circumstance that created the “trauma hole” there are things we can do to help others and ourselves.


We don’t always know why things happen the way they do. What we do know is that there is always a much larger picture than our limited view of the world and its energetic happenings.  And the optimist in me would like to think that whatever happened was somehow in my best interest.


The one thing I have learned is: We don’t usually get to choose when we get to experience our humanity, we just get to be there for it. The loss of my home in my life was my personal journey into humanity from a different and somewhat humbling perspective. All of our journeys are relative to each experience. One is not more or less important than others’. They are all relative.


Right now, many are experiencing great losses.  As light beings here in this human existence, we can benefit not only from our pedestrian actions of offering relief and resources, but also from offering encouragement, and strength through spiritual energetic offerings of prayers and light.

“We stand next to you and hold you in the light of perfection in the best way that we can.”

Here is an offering of some ideas that have helped me:

  • Standing next to someone sometimes is all that’s necessary. Just knowing that I was not standing alone made a big difference in the beginning of my trauma recovery. Sometimes it’s just enough to stand beside someone.


  • Light is a Healer. Holding people in the light of perfection while they are experiencing what they are experiencing is huge. And can have a beautifully supportive impact through any traumatic experience someone is having. I was lucky to have supportive people do that for me. I strive to do it in my practice every day.


“Just as there are not so beneficial thought forms there are also highly beneficial thought forms”

  • We can create empowering, resilient thought forms that will support our subtle bodies during times of perceived strife. We sometimes forget that we are resilient and are not as fragile as we think.


  • We are being led to step fully into our power as light beings in a strong, healthy, joyful human form.
  • Simple Release Prayer. My personal experience brought up an opportunity to access the kind of self-mastery it takes to move from sadness to ease. I invite you to try this powerful yet simple release prayer that I’ve used with great success in my own practice. This prayer is good step for releasing stuck emotions. I have taught this to my students and have used it in my private consulting practice for years. This basic release prayer can help you get to your next level of release and freedom. You may have to repeat it a few times for each instance of trapped emotions. Rest assured that it’s working. You, the powerful loving you, are reminding the conscious and subconscious you of your loving connection to the Divine.

 Use this prayer as often as you like and feel free to modify the wording; it makes for a wonderful start to the day as well. Can be just as effective for dowsers and non-dowsers alike.


“Dearest ________________ (your name), at the age of _______ (at your energetically identified age),

We are here to tell you of your magnificence, the light that shines within is as bright as all the stars in the sky and as beautiful as a summer day. You have carried this misunderstanding of _____________ (say your emotion or emotions) about yourself, someone else and/or a situation for long enough.

With grace and ease we invite you to release this misunderstanding by allowing your heart to come back to compassion and forgiveness for all, including yourself.

You are a child of Mother-Father-God Source and it is your Divine right to give and receive love, gratitude and respect beginning with yourself.

Please release this trauma now.”

  • Gentle Reminders From Spirit

You are awe and wonder. The truth of who you are speaks miracles beyond compare. Your loving kindness knows no boundaries. Words cannot describe
your beauty. I am here to remind you of your natural essence of Love. Let us together find a way to navigate into your peaceful self.

You are the very heart of grace. Whatever you are experiencing, there is hope of restoration and recognition of the light that shines within. The light within that radiates from you is the beacon, restoration and salvation of others to follow as an example. Do not sell yourself short. You are more valuable and precious than you
can imagine.

I am here to help you find and uncover that light within, to encourage you to continue seeking that connection to the All as one who cherishes and values you as a source of light and healing.

Today you are wonder and awe. Just as a snowball rolling downhill so too will you gather speed and force which is to be used for the highest good to bring about healing, love and light to those who
seek it.”