Pure Intent Water®


“Wow! I put one drop of your water drops in my water bottle and was astonished at the difference in the liveliness and bliss in the water.  Thanks for this gift!” ~ G.H.

“I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the (Pure Intent Water) water drops. I have had times where I instantly felt uplifted upon drinking water containing the drops. I even had a time where I could feel the energy moving from the dropper, up my hand and into my arm as I was adding the drops into a glass of water. Clearly my body is loving it.” ~ C.V, San Francisco, CA

Infinite Possibilities One Drop at a Time

Energized Drops Concentrate Pocket/Travel Size

An excellent source of support for all your body’s needs. It is designed to help you function optimally within your own energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

It can also help with fatigue and jet-lag, boost your immune system, and energize your drinking water.

Pure Intent Water® has been energized through a proprietary method of activating molecular frequencies. The resulting concentrate works within your body to clear non-beneficial energies, adjust the alkalinity of your body and create a physiological healing opportunity with your focused intentions.

Pure Intent Water®We offer Pure Intent Water® with a heartfelt wish for your vibrant energized health and well-being.
Since 2008

Pure Intent Water® Energized Drops
1 fl.oz. (30ml) bottle Concentrate
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Customized Pure Intent Water® For Your Health

Melinda often uses water with her clients as a catalyst for healing. How does this work? By scanning clients’ systems, finding their imbalances, and allowing their Higher Self to guide her, Melinda uses the Pure Intent® process to energize the water, adjusting its frequencies to fill specific needs.

As with homeopathy, which also adjusts frequencies, this subtle form of healing allows clients’ emotional and physical bodies to achieve a balanced state, re-aligning into a higher, healthier Self.

For many people, embracing the use of energized water can be a powerful and healing experience.

Customized Pure Intent Water® Energized Drops
1 fl.oz. (30ml) bottle Concentrate, programmed by Melinda
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How to Imprint Your Own Pure Intent Water:

1. Form the clear intention to make this bottle (glass) of water a harmonizing catalyst for your own system.

2. Hold the bottle (glass) next to your heart.

3. Clear your mind and give yourself permission to heal.

4. Speak your intent or prayer into the bottle or glass of water.

5. Add one drop of the programmed water to one cup of your own preferred type of water, and wait three minutes for activation and enjoy.


Disclaimer: Information and statements made are for educational purposes only. Pure Intent Water® Energized Drops and Custom Energized Water is not intended in anyway to be used in lieu of professional medical health advice and/or attention.

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