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Meeting the Loving Being that You Are

A friend of mine sent me a wonderful photo of her napping cat lying on its back, completely relaxed, back legs wide, toes in the air, neck stretched out, back of head tucked against the soft blanket, one leisurely paw reaching up and over.It was one of those settle-in-for-a-nap-while-the-universe-has-everything-under-control positions—absolute [...]

January 7, 2021|

Negotiating for Enlightenment

Recently one evening, I was sitting across from my husband, both of us hunched over a card table searching for the right piece of our current jigsaw puzzle. As I contemplated the scattered image before us, I felt myself settling in. My body and my internal dialogue began shifting [...]

June 29, 2020|

What’s in store for you in 2020?

Building trust in yourself and your abilities can come from helping others to have a positive outlook, knowing that they are beings of light who just happen to be covered in old behavior patterns. – Melinda Iverson Inn 2020 feels like it’s going to be a breakthrough [...]

February 3, 2020|

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