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Got Any Honey?

Geckos in general are pretty curious creatures. Thus, when I go out to my lanai to sit in Meditation in the mornings, with a tea tray in hand, it’s not a big surprise to see them trailing about the railings in search of food and defending their territory. Settling [...]

August 2, 2019|


Drop into your heart to find your clear direction —Melinda InnIn the video below, I  provide some clear clues for identifying certain kinds of self-sabotaging behavior: Habitual Lateness Not fashionable lateness, or cultural lateness (such as never arriving on time to a party), but always being late for scheduled appointments [...]

April 2, 2018|

Are You Holding Yourself in Contempt for Your Learning Experiences?

Setting: Courtroom The judge has just asked the witness: “Can you point to the person responsible for the shame, blame, guilt, anger, and frustration you felt?” The woman in the witness box points a finger at the woman at the defendant’s table. “Her! I accuse her!” The defendant looks forlorn, [...]

September 12, 2017|

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