“Underlying the human body in all its parts is a vehicle called the vital or ‘Etheric” body. It is composed of threads of force. These threads interpenetrate the entire body and the nervous system and are in reality the activating power of the nervous system.”

– Alice A. Bailey

A few years ago, as I was working at home one day, dowsing a physical issue for a remote client, I received a telephone call from my friend Ed Stillman (Sky Dowser 2021). In his soft, kind voice, Ed asked if I was busy. Fortunately, I just happened to be at a natural stopping place with my client, and responded that I was available.

After we exchanged heartfelt greetings, Ed told me that he and his wife Carolyn had sold their home in Sedona, AZ, and were in the middle of a big move to a new house near their family in Northern California. Carolyn, surrounded by boxes and needing to get things organized and wrapped up for the movers, had gotten quite stressed out. As a result, she’d come down with shingles, and was struggling a bit, almost unable to keep working.

“Oh,” I said, “Perhaps I could try Etheric Body Dowsing on her?”

Ed was eager to hear more, and said he’d accept assistance in any way that I could offer; his goal was helping Carolyn to regain her health and ease her pain.

In 2009, he and Carolyn had graciously invited me to come stay with them and learn well dowsing. With characteristic ease and humor, Ed had enthusiastically mentored me in map dowsing and well dowsing, but he knew my real passion was for health dowsing. He also knew that I’d studied (Sky Dowser 2007) Robert J. Wade-Mahany’s work since 2003. “Bob,” as he was known to friends and students, was a health dowser who was miles ahead of his time, always researching and developing ways to help people out of their own suffering.

For years, Bob had been doing his research with real issues and real people. Among his many discoveries during that time was that one of the layers of the subtle body was directly related to, and assisted with, the physical body. He called it “the Etheric body.”

“According to Theosophists and Alice Bailey, a writer and teacher of the ‘Ageless Wisdom,’ who spread the meaning of esoteric philosophy worldwide, the Etheric body inhabits an Etheric plane which corresponds to four higher sub-planes of the physical plane.”

Reynolds, John W.
Author of Spiritual and Scientific Healing

Melinda, Carolyn and Ed Stillman

According to Bob, the Etheric body is the first, or lowest, layer in the human energy field or aura. It’s said to be in immediate contact with the physical body, to sustain it and connect it with “higher” bodies.  I’d learned of Etheric-body dowsing in 2003 from a direct student of Bob’s; since then I’d only used the technique here and there when it came to mind, but had pretty much placed that work on the back burner until 2015. All of a sudden this seemed to be exactly what was needed for Carolyn.

I mentioned this to Ed who said “Yes! Let’s try it, and can you teach me?” I immediately emailed the original chart, and right there on the phone I started teaching Ed the elements of each of the steps in the protocols, all the while using Carolyn as the practice recipient.

Since Ed, Carolyn, and I are close, we knew we had permission to go ahead, but Carolyn had no conscious awareness then of our work with her. We went through each of the levels, dowsing together in all of the ten categories, laughing and chatting about the ideas and how they worked. Ed was so happy to learn this new dowsing technique, and I could feel his joy that we were actively trying to help Carolyn.

As we continued down to the last segment in the protocols, Ed suddenly interrupted me: “I hear something downstairs. Wait, hold on, is that the vacuum cleaner?” Ed took the phone downstairs with him and I heard him in the background speaking with Carolyn, who was up, out of bed, and vacuuming the bedroom. I heard Ed say with surprise, “You’re up and vacuuming?” He got back on the phone with me and informed me in a delighted and amazed voice that Carolyn felt so good that she had decided to get up and “just felt like vacuuming.”

At this point both Ed and I were elated. “That Etheric dowsing sure did work!” Ed said on the telephone all the way from Sedona, Arizona. I was sitting there at my desk in Glen Ellen, California with a big grin on my face, thinking: if Carolyn feels good enough to get up and vacuum, that works for me. For those of you who have had shingles, you know how painful and difficult that condition can be, and no doubt you also know it can take a few weeks to recover.

Both Ed and I were so happy that we could help Carolyn feel better. By the time we eventually hung up, I could tell that Ed felt more relaxed and better able to handle the rest of their life-changing move with a re-energized Carolyn by his side.

It humbles me and touches my heart to think back on that day when a master dowser reached out to a former well-dowsing student for assistance with a loved one in the realm of health. I’ll never forget the experience.

Our ability to bridge the subtle body to the physical lies within our connection to our Etheric field.  If we can understand the power of the focused mind and the intention to bring balance to the physical body through this field, then we will have started on a journey of understanding the availability of Source energy that can flow through us as a healing agent.

“Etheric Body Dowsing illustrates how to connect with the rich inner
radiance and splendor of our energetic being.  Melinda Iverson Inn elegantly
describes how to assess and align the subtle organizing fields of energy within
our Etheric Body for optimal health and wellness.  Our etheric energy body surpasses what we perceive of our material bodies, while providing the foundation for our
health, prosperity, inner peace, and joy.  This comprehensive system of energetic tools can be used effectively on behalf of others and for ourselves, with powerful
techniques for accessing any seemingly ‘hard-to-reach’ places.”

– Cynthia Sue Larson,
Author of Reality Shifts

 My gratitude to Carolyn Stillmen for giving me permission to share her (and Ed’s) story.

Thanks also to Robert J. Wade-Mahany for his consistent and never-ending explorations in dowsing for the psyche and the body, and for his immense contributions to self-healing (and also for making sure that copies of his original manuscript found their way to me three different times—twice through Ed and Carolyn Stillman).

How blessed am I.

Love and Blessings,