Etheric Body Dowsing Course Book (PDF)

Our intention is to help you understand that dowsing is one of the many vehicles to understanding the self and therefore expanding ones awareness. Using dowsing to balance the subtle body, known as the etheric body, can increase sensitivity levels, strengthen your physical system and deepen your intuitional skills.

Dowsing the etheric body is a practical skill that anyone who has some dowsing experience, and wishes to optimize his or her health and well being, can learn. LEARN MORE AND PURCHASE HERE

Dowsing To Clear Unconscious Obstructions, Volume 1: The Emotional Level

Dowsing for health and wellbeing is one of the most advanced modalities for creating and maintaining health and wellbeing! This is just the beginning. Learning this method now will put you in a position as the expert when the rest of the world has caught up to this cutting edge way of helping others. LEARN MORE AND PURCHASE HERE

Dowsing To Clear Unconscious Obstructions Vol. II Releasing at the Mental and Spirit Levels

Dowsing To Clear Unconscious Obstructions, Volume 2: The Mental and Spirit Levels

This Course, Volume 2: The Mental and Spirit Levels is a follow-up to Volume 1: The Emotional Level. LEARN MORE AND PURCHASE HERE

The Spirit of Dowsing, Revised (softcover or downloadable PDF)

What is dowsing? Dowsing is an art and science that creates a bridge to the subconscious mind through the use of a pendulum or other instruments/tools.

Dowsers are able to use that bridge to gain access to information not normally available to the waking consciousness. LEARN MORE AND PURCHASE HERE.

Becoming Your Own Intuitive Healer (Revised 2nd Edition) (softcover or downloadable PDF)

This book is about your relationship with your Self-the inner you that knows Joy, Vibrant Health, Abundance and Wellness-and maintains a deep and continuous connection with Source and Well-being. Learn 18 ways to enrich your health and bless your physical journey. Newly revised and full of extra insights on Self-Healing.

The Inn Method® is a service that uses meditation, journaling, and inner reflection to inspire and empower you to be fearless in the quest for your healing truth. LEARN MORE AND PURCHASE HERE.

Creative Communication With Your Children: Five Techniques to Enhance Communication with Your Beautiful, Joyful, Imaginative, and Amazing Child

I have created some new communication tools for you to try. This mini book includes effective techniques to help you communicate with your child. LEARN MORE AND PURCHASE HERE.