I Met One of My Parallel Selves
Melinda Iverson Inn

Have you ever had the feeling you were being followed around? Experienced the sensation that someone was peering over your shoulder as you were preparing a meal or washing dishes? This happened to me recently in my kitchen; I suddenly felt a strong presence that not only felt familiar but was practically breathing down my neck and following me around much too closely.

So what did I do?

Well, in the past I would have panicked, gone into fear mode, and called in my angels for a speedy clearing. This time, I simply ignored the energy presence and continued through my evening as usual—finished my meal, cleared the dishes, and went about my business.

The next morning, in a hypnogogic sate, I ‘awoke’ to the same presence in my bedroom. This time, she was introducing herself: “I’m Melinda Iverson Inn,” she said. To which I responded: “No. I’m Melinda Iverson Inn. There can only be one Melinda Iverson Inn and I’m her. You have to leave.” She just stared at me and stood her ground without responding. It felt as if she was being curious in a rather insistent “I’m-you” kind of way.

I admit I was a little perturbed that someone was trying to be me, and didn’t hesitate to show my annoyance. I promptly got out of bed and escorted her through the sliding glass door from the bedroom to the outside, in effect summarily kicking her out of the house. This of course was an energetic eviction. She made no resistance. Ha! There you go. I was a bit proud of myself for taking charge, and went back to bed.

Later that morning, mulling this visitation over as I drank my tea, I remembered that a friend of mine had mentioned that her future self had once appeared to her as a physical being and had actually rummaged in her desk drawer. Mentally replaying the previous evening’s encounter, I recalled that the presence of the being had been very strong; even now if I closed my eyes, I could almost see her. I could not really get a clear image of her details. I could however feel that it was me. She was familiar in both energetic pattern and vibration.

She was not alarming; there was no intent to harm or cause fear. She had stated her name politely, as if simply introducing herself. When I asked her to leave and escorted her out, she exhibited no ill will. I sensed no feelings of physical discomfort from either of us. But I was upset enough to kick her out. Usually, in the past when I’ve encountered an energy with an impure intention, I’d feel discomfort in my head, a kind of pressure, like a headache. With this energy presence there were none of those physical symptoms.

I realize now that I was being visited by my future self, but instead of saying: “Nice to meet you. How can I help you?” or “Do you have something to share with me? Whatever it is I’d love to hear it,” I’d been overcome with fear-based righteous indignation and not-so-politely asked her to leave, even making sure that she did by escorting her to the door with my hand under her arm. It was as if my energy self or thoughtform was touching her thoughtform. Physically there was no sensation on my part.

OMG, I realized later, once again I’d manifested fear and contempt before allowing true investigation; not a great attitude. I keep thinking I’ll learn, when I have surprises like this one, that the universe is looking out for me and only has my own best interests at heart.

It’s no wonder this visitation happened, as lately it seems I’ve had a steady stream of clients whom I’ve been helping with the idea of “retro-causality” or “shaking hands with the past.” This is a theory put forward by physicist John Cramer of the University of Washington in his Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, which I’ve reinterpreted to use in my consulting dowsing practice. (This work was made known to me by Cynthia Sue Larson)

Hence the visit from my future self. I’ve always thought that, in this present reality, I’d be the one going back in time to meet my wounded or worried self and help her. Now I know that I also have a future self who came back to “shake hands” with my present worried self.

I would have loved to have had the courage to chat with that brave and spunky energy lady who showed up at my bedside and announced herself as me. What a gift! I can only hope she’s persistent, and will once again visit. In the meantime, I send blessings her way with an open heart and tender my invitation for another visit. Let’s hope I’ll be ready next time with an open mind and a healthy curiosity.

Many Blessings,


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