‘How joyful can my life get?’

We know that the heart is one of the strongest and most important organs in the body, producing and sustaining life throughout the physical system. We can’t live if our heart is not beating, and we can’t be well if it isn’t functioning optimally.

One of seven (some say eight) energy centers or nerve plexuses in the body, the Heart Chakra is located within your chest, just above the sternum. Since it regulates and governs the health of the physical heart, keeping this center healthy is vital to all the other chakras, and to our physical health. The condition of all of our chakras/energy centers depends upon our response to our past and present life experiences. Joyful and traumatic experiences alike leave unseen energetic imprints of memory within both the Heart Chakra and the physical heart.

As we grow in our consciousness, we begin to see areas of our physical systems that have been affected by the living experiences of our past and present lives. Those areas call out to us, and will ultimately need our attention if we are to ascend on the ladder towards health, and towards knowing ourselves as God living through us.

We are Pure Spirit, with or without the body. Of course, since we were born into a physical body, part of our growth process is learning how to love and care for this amazing vehicle, so that it may begin to help the Self know itself as the Pure Spirit both within us and surrounding us. 

As we grow in our consciousness, we begin to see areas of our physical systems that have been affected by the living experiences of our past and present lives.

The functioning of the heart is twofold: it supports the physical aspects of life within this organism, and it processes the emotions that are presented to our human consciousness.

Outside of the heart’s function as a physical organ, the processing of emotions is the single most important function affecting its health and that of the Heart Chakra. How do we know this? When one’s heart is “broken” emotionally, it affects the physical systems. How can it not? When the heart becomes saddened, or agitated emotionally, it in turn affects the brain, therefore affecting our eating, sleeping, and behavior patterns.

The entire system then becomes unbalanced and vulnerable to both energetic and physical disruptions that can affect the cardiovascular, digestive, immune, nervous, and respiratory systems.  It can also affect our cerebro-spinal fluid, which carries vital nutrients to nervous-system tissues throughout the body. Essentially, the heart is, well, the heart of everything.

How can we best assist and care for our physical heart, and combine with its energy to work with manifestations of our body’s dis-ease?  When you begin to notice any symptom, either physical or emotional, that’s the time to sit quietly and focus your attention on the Heart Chakra. Breathe into that area, and imagine that you’re breathing through and with your heart. Focus on the physical sensation, and notice if you can actually feel your physical heart beating.

As you sit quietly with this intent focus, you may even begin to see and feel pure light or pure spirit emanating from you. The sensation of your physical body may begin to fade and no longer command attention, because you are going directly to the source, the wellspring of your essence: yourself as Pure Spirit.

You may even notice that the light from your Heart Chakra will begin to radiate out from you in a circular shape, emerging from the physical heart level. Again, there may be no sensation of front and back as the three-dimensional physical system fades.

When you begin to notice any symptom, either physical or emotional, that’s the time to sit quietly and focus your attention on the Heart Chakra.

If you rest within this energy long enough, you may begin to notice (and perhaps feel) any disturbances in the heart. Negative emotions, entities and traumas will begin to surface as you are ready to release them. In this state of sitting within the Heart Chakra, you will more likely be able to let them surface and let them go.

In this process, you can become the radiator of a brighter and purer light than that of everyday consciousness, and capable of creating more love and compassion for yourself and others. The light you radiate becomes the cleanser, the forgiver, the compassionate one, the recognizer of beauty, the one who allows.

Those past insults to the heart no longer need to affect you. A lot of karma can be cleared in the moment that you recognize that you no longer need to punish, be punished, blame, accept blame, or to feel afraid of being lighter, brighter and more loved.

As you sit in your concentrated repose of focused light, all of the above negativity no longer exists. You just become pure Spirit, radiating Pure God Light from the strongest center in the body, the one that is being powered by the sweet spot of your being: the Heart Chakra.

Step by Step:

If you have a dowsing instrument, you may use it to enhance the experience. Or just use your focused intent. You may wish to have a paper and pencil nearby to record the dialogue.

  1. Notice how you feel about contacting your Heart Chakra. Do you want to sit and try this? It’s a choice.
  2. Sit upright, so that you can open your chest area more easily and breathe more deeply.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask (your guardian spirit, deity, or protector) for protection, guidance and assistance while encountering and releasing whatever shows up from the heart center. Create a safe “container” for your experience.
  4. Imagine a white or golden light coming in through the top of your head, pushing all non-beneficial energies out and down through to your feet and out to Mother Earth. The earth is happy to recycle these things for you.
  5. Center your attention on your physical heart–even talk to it: “I’m sorry for any suffering you have felt and are feeling (this could be emotion in any form). Would you be willing to talk about it?” If your heart remains silent, that’s okay. It knows that you are there and ready to listen at any time. If your heart does begin to “speak,”—this may be through physical sensations, emotions, or words that enter your mind—listen with all of your focused intent. It’s okay to ask questions such as, “What makes you so afraid?”
  6. Listen for the answer and extend compassion to your heart. Allow any sensations that well up to move through you without resistance. You might even feel tears and not know why. Let them come up. These come from your real experiences, taken in by the heart, possibly over lifetimes, which are presenting themselves now as ready-to-be healed.
  7. Move into your Heart Chakra (it may help to visualize it as about the size of an orange). Sit still with focused attention on it, and continue to do so until you can see, feel, or even just imagine a light emanating from that center. Just giving this area your positive attention will create positive changes in your physical body (where attention goes, energy flows). Try to stay focused on the light. Even if you feel nothing is happening, stay with it. You will create some degree of healing for yourself.
  8. Allow yourself to sense the light filling your aura, which occupies an area as tall as you are, and all around your physical system. As you focus on the image of light spreading out around you, and center on your pure light as Spirit, the sensations of your physical system, of front, back, up, down, etc. may begin to fade out. This is both normal and safe, and is actually quite a pleasant experience.
  9. Stay with it. Don’t give up. You will eventually begin to notice a lifting, a lightness, a feeling of spaciousness, and if you stick with it, eventually a smile. Your heart will smile. You will feel a levity and happiness that won’t allow any expression but a smile on your face.
  10. Invite the joy in, allowing yourself to feel lighter, brighter and more loved. Say it to yourself: “I am lighter, brighter and more loved.” Breathe that feeling in and out of the Heart Chakra.

When you allow yourself to live quietly in joy and awareness, others, in turn, may feel, see and be curious (or inspired) to seek it for themselves.  Our hearts are truly connected at the highest Spiritual level. Your focusing on releasing the pain from your heart center can help to alleviate the pain of others who are also seeking to grow into their Pure Light and acknowledge their true Selves.

Bravo!  Well done. Be happy for yourself. You are accepting and integrating all aspects of self whenever you do this type of process.

Remember to ask yourself, ‘How joyful can my life get?’


Many Blessings,