Dowsing Rod, also known as Precision Wire, or Recording Wire
Is a single dowsing rod that is beautifully balanced with smoothe rotations, made of polished steel alloy and brass.
Weighs approximately 3lb 7oz.
Each Dowsing Rod is expertly hand-crafted, therefore each wire is unique.

In 1972 the dowsing rod known as a ‘recording wire’ or ‘precision wire’ as it is sometimes called,
was introduced to Dowsing Healer Robert J. (Bob) Wade-Mahany by Francis Nixon (author of Born to be Magnetic).
In 1995 I was introduced to the ‘recording wire’ by a dowsing teacher and student of Bob Mahany.
In 2003 I began using a recording/precision wire in my dowsing health practice.

How to Use
This is a wonderful instrument for moving energy. Each Dowsing wire is blessed and ready to be in service.
I like using both tools: pendulum and recording wire when dowsing the human body and
psyche to locate and release traumas.

I have created a free instructional video for first time users on YouTube Video

$100 USD + $18 S&H

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