We have finally settled into our new home in Honolulu, Hawaii, and have met a few new friends. Let me introduce you to one of them.

Hua is an 11-year-old Bottlenose dolphin that I have had the privilege of swimming with. He has a playful sweetness, he is whip-smart, strong and gentle. One flip of his tail can be a fierce thing to behold.

Hua is just an overall joy to be around. When I’m in need of a quick boost of Joy, I tune into Hua. He’s quite a character.

Recently, during one of my tune-ins, Hua informed me that one of the dolphins he lived with wasn’t feeling so well. “He had a tummy ache.” Well, of course I worried about this until Spirit let me know that the humans where Hua and his pod live were on it! A week or so later I went to visit Hua and talked with one of the human care givers, who indeed confirmed that one of the dolphins in Hua’s pod had a digestive issue that they remedied right away. The trainer wanted to know how I knew about the issue. I simply said, “The dolphins told me.” Her reaction was pretty non-plussed as I would expect from a Hawaii resident, but her eyes gave way to surprise.

I just smiled.

I have always wanted to swim with dolphins but the opportunity didn’t arise until this spring break, when my land-locked sister from Kansas brought her husband and my 12-year-old niece to visit.

That did it! I knew it was time to share that Dolphin swim experience with them—actually, I think I was the one who was most excited about it.

Hua the Bottlenose Dolphin, the youngest of the pod of 6, was the one who volunteered to swim with us—yes, it is all done by volunteer.

If the dolphin doesn’t want to play with humans that day, it can swim away. By the way, regarding Hua’s name: Among many definitions in the Hawaiian language ‘Hua’ can mean egg shaped, rounded object, or the name of a star.  I was told the roundness of his dorsal fin is what got him his name. Although, secretly, I prefer ‘the name of a star.’

The minute I saw him and the others in his pod I could barely contain myself. I was so happy that any other position on my face other than a smile just wasn’t possible. As you can see, Hua and I hit it off right away. He was even playing with me as I swam beside him, gently nudging in my direction.  We had a wondrous time.

Since moving to Hawaii I have noticed my animal communication skills, particularly with whales and dolphins have increased. I was occasionally asked to dowse for lost dogs or cats, to communicate with cats that were transitioning, or just to perform an overall status check for their human.

When the whales began coming back to Hawaii in November I was so excited, I would sit on my balcony with a pair of binoculars hoping to spot a few on their way to their favorite breeding/birthing areas. Low and behold, there would be a tail splash or two, or three.

I was riveted!

Our wonderful dowsing colleague, and huge whale enthusiast, William Bennett had shared with me that I was most likely a whale in a previous lifetime. I loved the confirmation of what I already knew energetically.

More will be revealed on the whale messages I have received in another blog post. The whales have so much wisdom to share. Anyway, I know it’s the same with the Dolphin energy. I was/am definitely part of a Dolphin family.

It’s amazing how quickly the response comes if I’m really clear and focused.

So how do I tune-in to Hua?

Well, I have plenty of photos of us together, plus I have the luxury of experience, and actually meeting him in person also helped.

Here are a few things I did that you may find helpful to try with a creature you feel in tune with:


    1. I go to that feeling of joy, reverence and gratitude to having met him and had the opportunity to play together.


    1. I know he knows me, but I reintroduce myself.


    1. I try to introduce the heart connection using the joy, reverence and gratitude from the first step.


    1. I ask how are things.


  1. I listen quietly and with relaxed intention and focus. No thoughts to interfere. And I try to stay in reverence and joy the whole time.

Some messages I receive are meant just for me, as in sharing some wisdom I could use, like being more playful and using my strength and boundaries when necessary, and some are a bit broader, as in ‘this is what’s happening with the pod that day’.

It’s amazing how quickly the response comes if I’m really clear and focused.

When I am finished listening and Hua is finished talking, or has other things to do, I send Reiki to the entire area where they live: the water, the dolphins, and a bit of the surrounding area. If you don’t know how to do Reiki just send prayers and white light of loving-kindness for their health and well being.

You can use your pendulum as a prayer amplifier by letting it run clockwise while you send your prayers.

Needless to say Hua has changed my life. He helped me to lean into the joy of island living and the sea of life around me. I have started snorkeling on a regular basis, enjoying sea turtles, octopuses, eagle rays and the multitude of colorful tropical fish around the island. How blessed and lucky am I.

Many Blessings  ~ Melinda

If you wish to support whales and dolphins on a larger scale, here are a few organizations I believe in and support.