As I mentioned in a previous blog about my Dolphin friend ‘Hua’, since moving to Hawaii in October 2017, I have noticed my animal communication skills, particularly with whales and dolphins have increased. When the whales began coming back to Hawaii in November of 2018 I was so excited, I would sit on my balcony with a pair of binoculars hoping to spot a few on their way to their favorite breeding/birthing/teaching areas. Low and behold, there would be a tail splash or two, or three. It would take my breath away. Our wonderful dowsing colleague, and huge whale enthusiast, William Bennett had shared with me that I was a whale in a previous lifetime. I loved the confirmation of what I already knew energetically.

It was during one of my morning mediations that I began to consciously try to connect with the migrating humpback whales. Here is a transmission of one of the connections made. I hope you find it as amusing and insightful as I do.

Joyful excitement follows the path of those who do not worry. We continue our journey in God’s hands. It is not for us to worry about our life or path, but to live it fully in our current being-ness and form. Notice our inability to worry about things.  If you tap into the emotional part of who we are; we care for our young, keep together, communicate well, and we sing for love and for communication.  Our lives are very ’simple’, and yet we carry the wisdom of the ages. This wisdom is available to everyone.”

Question: How can we access this wisdom?


  1. “Being playful, joyful and open to possibilities.”
  2. “By not assuming others don’t have access.”
  3. “By breaching as high as you can to clear yourself and to put out the clarion call of life. ‘I exist, I am here.’”

—“We don’t speak of God, because God is in everything we do. God is our existence for as long as we are needed here.”

It is not for us to worry about our life or path, but to live it fully in our current being-ness and form.

Statement from Melinda: Sometimes I feel so small and in every way.

Answer: “Do not forget God is within you.

You cannot be small no matter how hard you try (LOL). We look rather large to your untrained eye and yet we are lightness of being. Try it.

Our size is minuscule compared to God (LOL). And yet we have learned to swim inter-dimensionally through the eye of a needle. To you it seems impossible, for us it is an everyday occurrence.”

—”We are a part of the many systems; we help keep the matrix interwoven.”


Question: Do you feed wisdom into the matrix?

Answer:  “The matrix already has wisdom interwoven into it.”  


Statement from Melinda: I am no longer in whale form.

Answer:  “No, you have you evolved into another mission.”


Statement from Melinda: Thank You. I imagine myself flying in, out and around you. I say “thank you” with my heart.

Answer:  “We know who you are, no introduction is necessary.  Our Heart to Your Heart.”

After the discourse, I then imagined myself as an angel flying and swimming to visit my heart friends at eye-level and kissing them on the nose, then joyfully flying away.

I got up from my meditation seat and used the binoculars to scan the ocean from my deck. I cleaned the lenses a few times and adjusted the vision and said; ”I will continue to look for your signal.”  Sure enough I received about four very big splashes through a very calm sea just towards the edge of my vision.

I will continue to post communications from my whale friends in hopes of transmitting their joyful inspiration to you. 


Love and Many Blessings,