Quite frankly, I’ve had a very difficult time seeing the wisdom and perfection in the recent loss of my home and all of my personal belongings in the Sonoma Fires recently. Losing everything, including my dowsing books, sacred objects, clothes, shoes, socks—right down to my undies was humbling.

What wisdom could there possibly be in the melting of my Buddhist statues, relics and blessed malas? Or in the destruction of my American Indian sacred rattle and flute? Or in the silencing of the beautiful sounds from my husband’s precious audio equipment and now-destroyed vinyl album collection?

Why do we experience loss? What could possibly be the purpose in my losing everything? I actually don’t have the answer to that.

I do, however, know that this event brought up an opportunity to access the kind of self-mastery it takes to move from sadness to ease.

Here is an opportunity for you to practice right along with me: try this powerful yet simple release prayer that I’ve used with great success in my own practice.
I invite you to experience the journey of self-mastery from sadness to ease.


Here’s a good prayer for releasing stuck emotions. I‘ve taught this to my students and have used it in my private consulting practice for years.
This basic release prayer will help you get to your next level of release and freedom. You may have to repeat it a few times for each instance of trapped emotions.

Rest assured that it’s working. You, the powerful loving you, are reminding the conscious and subconscious you of your loving connection to the Divine.

Use this prayer as often as you like and feel free to modify the wording; it makes for a wonderful start to the day as well.


“Dearest ________________ (your name), at the age of _______ (at your energetically identified age),

We are here to tell you of your magnificence, the light that shines within is as bright as all the stars in the sky and as beautiful as a summer day. You have carried this misunderstanding of _____________ (say your emotion or emotions) about yourself, someone else and/or a situation for long enough.

With grace and ease we invite you to release this misunderstanding by allowing your heart to come back
to compassion and forgiveness for all, including yourself.

You are a child of Mother-Father-God Source and
it is your Divine right to give and receive love, gratitude
and respect beginning with yourself.

Please release this trauma now.”


You’ll notice that there are several fill-in-the-blanks in this prayer. They’re there because our traumas have a tendency to start somewhere else, at a different age, under different circumstances that vary for each person.

If not cleared, a trauma will sometimes resurface when triggered by a current event. You’ll know the age to which you’ve regressed by your behavior, emotional content/expression. Here’s a personal example of what I’m talking about:

One day my dear husband and I went shopping at one of the local large home-improvement stores. He needed to pick up something or other for the house, and wanting to be a supportive partner, I went along for the ride.

We entered the store and began searching the aisles.

As he searched for his item, I stopped to examine an interesting find and stood in the aisle fascinated by this object. I don’t remember how long I actually stayed there admiring whatever-it-was, but when I looked up, my husband had moved on to another part of the store. It’s a big store, and I hadn’t seen in which direction he’d gone.

All of a sudden frustration took over; right there, in the middle of the aisle, I stamped my foot.

As soon as I did it, I realized something else was obviously going on. Really, when was the last time you stamped your foot over something? But there I was, a grown woman, acting like an angry two-year-old who felt abandoned in a store.

Lo and behold, I was two years old energetically at that moment in time. This prompted in me a desire to release the trauma that had been triggered right then and there, and I decided it was important to me to teach others how to do that.

Here is what you can do if you need a helping hand with an emotional outburst or place of stuckness:

Begin the Release:

Step 1: Identify your energetic age, and then go back a few more years just for good measure. Most people don’t go back far enough in time. Try to place your energy somewhere before the age of ten.

Step 2: Identify the overlying emotion or emotions. You can do this by really sensing what’s going on in your body on the physical level, and asking yourself what was going on when you felt this way before.

Step 3: Use your discoveries to fill in the blanks in The Simple Release Prayer. And know all is well.

Much Love & Many Blessings

~ Melinda